Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fighting the Temptation to condemn/complain

Day 1
5/5/2012 :  Was pretty easy as it was a holiday and I didot meet anybody else apart from hubby. Though must say , I did criticize a movie scene. But I was extremely negative about someone to my hubby at around 10:30 in the night. There are two people who test my patience. If I can just learn to be Zen towards them , then this goal would be far easier. Will be updating the rest of the days in the same post.

Day 2
6/5/2012 :  It's not over yet but there are these thoguth sin my mind i really want to put it down. Today I was not that conscious. Gossiped, and condemned some people today while talking to someone else today. This someone else is very close so allowed to do that technically. Fought the TTC (Temptation to criticize)  three times and won. Only when i want to stop something do i realize how much into it i actually am. Is it the case with everyone? Never thought i was this negative. Or is it that i don't want to do it and so I am more conscious of it and the temptation to criticize or condemn is more :(. Like if one wants someone else to remember her, just tell to that person emphatically to forget her????

Read the first chapter of the book " How to win friends and Influence people." Kept thinking of last week. Well this chapter says the same. 'Refrain from criticizing , or condemning. Next time when someone tests your patience remember not to do the natural thing . Do not criticize. No one accepts that they are wrong. Condemning will only make them resent you. It is not worth it. Last week I lost my cool in the end to someone in office. I wonder if I was rude to someone else. Tomorrow hopefully I will remember this lesson.

Day 3:
7/5/2012:  Was a good day. Didnot criticize condemn or complain the whole day. Came really near to it but then remember Dale carneige " Restrain from doing the natural thing. Felt good. I like not doing these things. In the evening had a worrying news from home. after that I left it. I showed out my worry in the form of sarcasm. Hmmmm... Long journey. But i think today was good.

Day 4:
8/5/2012 I was not very aware of what I talked today. Stopped myself from criticizing 2 times. But I was positively negative also twice. But as my friend pointed out are we not human? IS it healthy not to show any feeligns outside???? even animals are aggressive sometimes. Remember the story of the snake and the monk? But atleast nowadays I am more concious of what is coming out of my mouth and that's a good thing. Let us see how the next day works out.

Day 5/6?
9-10/5/2012Was not very concious. There was no situation for me to criticize of complain. Every oe was very agreeable. So technically, this is not very difficult for me. So maybe i should include not beign negative at all. Only say something in a positive way?. Ah let us see. However my mind is too busy nowadays in work. It gets carried on when i reach home too. I am pretty mind one tracked rt now.

Day 7-17
11-20/5/2012: Quit the Goal fro the time being. Somehow I have a feeling that this goal is making me more frustrated than ever. Office is frustrating and hectic. Really not in the mood to indulge anything. Not even myself. Rahmath very very angry and very very frustrated. I cannot remember to not be negative. It's getting awfully difficult. :( Me very very sad.


  1. Rahmath .. I have been trying tooo:).. to stop having negative thoughts, not to complain or condemn people.. its very difficult.. but on the path..
    I think the trick is to stop it inside and not only the external part.. that will be a problem to contain all of ur anger/issues without any outlet.. its mote about acceptance that that is how they/things are

  2. I guess you are right. Acceptance is important. but sometimes i wonder how much should one accept certain things or certain people's behavior.


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