Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just Like that

- Hubby said something which i wanted to record here.  'Discrimination against women always starts telling them it's for their own safety. It still is discrimination.' Now you know why i married him.

-Saw Star wars today. It was amazing. Actually it was quite uncomplicated storyline but i was all the time marveling the way the movie is taken. Even now there are pictures whose animation makes you laugh. Some of the scenes were cliched but i guess at that time it was one of the first movies to use that cliche. For example if the hero meets his old childhood friend just before a mission , and they say they will catchup after the mission, be sure the friend will die :). But doesnot change the fact that I totally loved the movie.I like Sci-fi movies.  I would love to watch the making of the movie. Saw Episode 4 .Now for Episode 5.

- Two movies I would recommend is
a. The Man from the Earth 
 b. Inherit the Wind.

Both the movies have only one place where most of the scenes takes place. In the first one it's a room where  7 people talk. Yes just Talk but it's one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Inherit the Wind takes place in a courtroom where two lawyers -Icons of their world - fight for their beliefs. A Evolutionist and a Creationist. Again , it's a must watch.

-Duststorm outside. But I am beginning to welcome these dust storms. Yeah the house gets dusty but the temperature falls a bit. It's getting too hot for words.

- Hubby watching F1 qualifications. he has transferred the setup box to our bedroom. Today was a good day. Two anticipated problems did not come. Looks like God willing we will be in the same house the next year also. Wonder when we will have our own house. Having your own home has almost become a luxury nowadays. Only now do we appreciate our parents huh. They had so less compared to us but they managed to save so much. Though  wonder if it is necessary to save to that extent ie for your children as a legacy. Is it worth it ?; Worrying so much about your future that you don't really enjoy the present? I guess here too, the code word is Balance.

-Hubby just asked me to see the birth of date of a racer . 1986. I reminded him that the racer was not young we were getting old. Now we will see many who are younger than us. Yes feels weird. Feels weird when children call you aunty.  Feels weird when you realize that those achievers in TV are younger than us. I still feel 17. I guess I will always be 15-17 in my head.

- My laptop no longer works as a laptop.  The battery has gone bad. Need to change it. Now I just have to charge it every 5 minutes. Waiting for the laptop to shut down on it's own. Will stop when it does shutdown. This will be an incomplete post.

- Wo! Never thought I would still be writing :) Normally nowdays I just stop after the first paragraphs.

- ok now I am stuck at this point. JINX

- I hope it rains. I want my tulasi (holy basil) plant to have a bit of natural water from above. My tulasi plant is a reminder of something. But that deserves a seperate post. So will not write about it here.

_ Interesting the laptop's charge still stays. When I want the charge to stay , it doesn't stay, else it does. This happens all the time does it not ?

- Stopping for now.

PS: There was a long long current cut - the reason why i couldn't charge my laptop.  I and hubby played Scrabble after a long long time. loved this game. Was really good.

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