Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scene From a Memoir - 3 Related Incidents

I am writing this in response to Marcy's Prompt for Scene from a Memoir. I am writing on 3 related incidents in my life.

They say that the good you do to others always comes back in some way or the other. Many of Enid Blyton's stories for children are based on that one golden rule. I grew up believing that. Then I heard that if you help others once, God would help you twice. Does he?

End of First Semester of M Tech.

 I and my two friends were discussing our fees which we had to pay in the starting of our next semester. One of them came from a more difficult financial situation. She was going through a tough time. And she was worried about the fees as she did not want to trouble her mother. We has stipend (An amount of Rs5000/- per month) which we saved and if we were prudent was just sufficient to pay the fees every semester. I had had a job the last year and had just got my some pending money from them. I jumped to help her out.  I wanted to.  I considered myself lucky to be able to help a friend. Now I know I was luckier than I imagined myself to be at that time.

End of Second Semester of M Tech.

Had just told my parents that I wanted to marry K. Fees time again. This time,we thought we had to pay around 18000/-.  The stipend had not been regular and I did not have enough money. I did not know whom to ask. I could have asked my parents but they were already overwhelmed by my previous request ;). I just could not ask anything more from them. They would have given; I did not want to ask. Anyhow I wanted to pay the fees myself. It was a time when many were trying to convince me that I was a kid and was not capable of marrying K or taking care of myself or living in this big bad world. I guess paying my own tuition was my way of proving it to them (and to myself) that I was capable of taking care of myself. That I was capable of taking life decisions.  I somehow arranged 18000/- and then suddenly, out of the blue, we got to know that the fees was 23000/- .  My heart grew heavy. I did not know what to do.  I took my clothes for washing. I hoped physical exertion would reduce the pain in my heart. . I was toying with the idea of being an Atheist at that time. Yet, I prayed "Help me. If you are there, help me"

I came back and saw K had called.  I called him back. He was also studying at that time. I told him how the fees had increased and how worried I was and how I prayed to God asking him to help me.

"Looks like God heard you". K said. One of his friends had offered to help me out with 5000/-. K was going to refuse thinking I already had the money. But he had called to just inform me.

Paid the fees in time. Stipend came with the arrears and I re-paid everyone and then started saving for the next Semester.

End of Third Semester M Tech.

 Fees time again. Needed Rs 23000/-. Already had 18000/- Just needed one more stipend to come. The stipend would come on  the 8th of every month. The last date for fees without paying a fine was 5th. The final date with the fine was around 20th. I had already decided that I would pay with the fine.  It was not a big deal. Some of my friends were waiting too. Still, it was weird to tell out that I had not paid the fees. It was weird to say I, Rahmath, did not have the money. I  had always had everything one needed.

 5th came.  I acted cool. But I felt weird. It was the first time in my life that I was not paying my fees at the right time. The Bank where we were supposed to deposit the money would close at 2:00pm. 1.00 came 1:10 came 1:15 came; it was unnerving that day for me. At last at 1:20 I thought I would go to the mess and have food. Maybe 2:00 pm would come faster that way. And then maybe I would feel better.

I reached the mess, put something in my plate and sat down in one of the steel benches. I looked up and saw Rajani - another friend of mine across the table. She was just leaving when she saw me. It was a long time since we talked. She was in a different hostel and was extremely busy with her theses. We rarely talked those days, we both were that busy with our respective studies. That day however she came and sat near me to give me company while I had my food.

"So paid the fees?" She asked.

"Nope" I said trying to sound nonchalant.

"Why????????" she asked incredulously.

“The stipend did not come. I still need 5k. So thought I will pay after it came with the fine." I murmured.

“What??????? Why did you not ask me? I will lend it to you."

"No it's ok. I will pay later" Idiotically I said again.

"What Rubbish. Why should you wait? Come to the ATM in 10 minutes. I will meet you there."

She left.

I ran back to my room. Got ready. Reached the ATM at 1:40pm. She gave me the rest of the money at 1:45. I went in the Bank. Paid the fees and at 2:05 came out with the receipt in my hand. And with only one thing in my mind.

If you help somebody once, God helps you twice.

If you help somebody once, God helps you twice.

If you help somebody once, God helps you twice.


Does he????


Yes Maam..... He sure does.


  1. Very inspiring, touching dear... Lucky to be ur friend!

    1. :) thankyou humi, you are back!!!1

  2. I love your story! It was really suspenseful waiting to see what would happen each semester. I admire you for wanting to figure out how to do it without asking your parents. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Marcy. I was wondering if it was too serious or something. It is still something I am actually proud of in my life. Paying 75% of my Tuition myself.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great story.
    Wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  4. so true Rahmath...
    Give and Get.. same goes for Forgive and Forget..
    Its all about giving first.


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