Friday, May 4, 2012

Still a Wonderful World.

I recently read a blog post in which someone had lamented the morally degrading world. Well, this post is dedicated to those who are fed up like me to hear only bad things about the world.

Today morning we got ready and left for office 10 - 15 minutes earlier. Our office is quite near to where we live, a matter of 2-3 minutes in bike. When we turned one corner, both I and my hubby got a shock of our lives. Two small children maybe barely three were in the middle of the road clutching each other. One of them was trying to cross the road pulling the other boy while vehicles whizzed in either sides and the other child was crying out aloud. I promise you this is the scariest thing I have ever seen in a long time.

 My husband quickly stopped the bike and I quickly ran and stood near them. Looking at them I myself lost all my presence of mind. All I knew was two children were out there and I just had to be there. Hubby sided the bike when I just got there and I looked up to see another man run to the children. He showed out his hands as if to say don't worry I will deal with it. I asked him if he knew the kids. He said no. At the very same time another man had stopped his vehicle in the side and he came out. And both men tried to ask the children for any details. I am ashamed to say I just became putty by that time. I cannot bear to see children cry. I just waited around them. The others took charge of the situation. The children kept crying out aloud .Papa ko bulvo Papa ko bulavo. Papa ke paas jana Hain. (Call papa Calla Papa. Want to go to Papa).

The person who came out of the car had more presence of mind and he took charge of the situation. He lovingly talked to the kids and took the diary from their schoolbag. From that he got the number of the father of the kid and called him. By then our Senior AS sir also had come there. He was passing us and saw that I and hubby were standing with a lot of people. So he stopped the vehicle and then when he understood what had happened he also joined us.No body wanted to leave the children there. By then a huge group of people had gathered. Everyone were comforting the children and everyone waited. Soon the father came hurriedly. The second Samaritan, the one who called confirmed the fathers name. Then he called the father's cell number just to be sure and saw that it rung. AS sir asked one of the children " Has your father come now?" . The boy said yes. Then, only after that , only after the father had both the children safe , did we disperse.

It took sometime even for me to get out of the after effects of the incident ( I cannot imagine what the parents must have gone through) but I realized something today.

Yes some vehicles did pass without noticing the children. But three people ran to take care of the children - children they didn't even know.  Yes, it was extremely dangerous, what not could have happened to the children but others realized it too and jumped in to protect those who needed the protection. Yes everyone is busy everyone is so involved in their lives but there are people who will stop to help however busy they are.

The World is still a beautiful place.
This is Still a Wonderful World.


  1. But why were the two kids on the road in the first place? The father should have been given a mouthfull before handing over the children.

  2. Actually that was another wonderful thing, No one shouted at the father. No one judged him. It must have been a huge shock for him too . But no one judged him and I think that was pretty awesome of everyone too. Sometimes somethings happen. No parent would be deliberately careless na. I was quite impressed with everyones understanding too.

  3. Oh my goodness, how scary. I think I would have been putty, too. That was such good thinking of the man to get the phone number from the bag and then confirm that he was the right person.

  4. It was. wasn't it? Now thanks to him,I know what to do in such a situation. Though I hope I never find children in such a situation.


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