Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer night without Power backup

If you have just found a house to live in gurgaon do you know what will be my first question?
"Do you have power backup? What about the water supply?

For someone who has come from Kerala- this place will take your breath away - but not in a good way. There there are jungles with trees. Here there are jungle of concrete buildings. There the water is abundant. the supply water comes all the time. Here it is not, water supply stops at times for 2 days . However, to be fair, we have not really been in that critical a situation. There, half an hour of current cut is deemed outrageous but something we had come to accept grudgingly as it is planned. Here current plays hide and seek. It may come , it may not come, so power backup is essential. There when it rains you start wishing for the sun , here when it rains, it finishes before you know it. There life is slow. Here you are slow no matter how fast you run.

hmmm...on the other hand

You should not think that Gurgaon is as bad as I picture it to be. Gurgaon is where my home is , where I have found happiness, where I live with my love, where I am the mistress of my house,Gurgaon is the place which fills my stomach and yes, my heart too. If I am away for more than a week , I yearn for my house in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the place where I got my wings. Yes, I love my Gurgaon too.

Then you might wonder why I am going on and on about Kerala. Patience now. The overhead water tank was empty with not a drop of water to even wash hands after eating and the current was not there to pump the water up from the underground water tank (as usual). We waited patiently. Current came for 20 mintues and we filled the tank with the water (for which we are utmost thankful , so thankful that the forthcoming problems were easier to bear). Then again the current went.

It's extremely hot nowadays and hence, it is pretty unbearable without the AC. The fan obviously was not much use in such situations. Still, I was tired, I dozed off. Something woke me up in the night within an hour or two. It was not any noise, it was the absence of noise that had awakened me. An Eiree silence..The house was too quiet. Where did the humming sound of the fridge go? Then I realized, there was no sound of the fan. Weird .... it should be even if the current is not there . We have power backup.

Then it hit me that something was wrong with the powerbackup. Woke hubby up and both got worried. Everyone had power except us. That was bad. very very bad. Tinkered for sometime with the power backup but then released there was nothing we could do.Hubby was getting worried. I was not sleeping well these days and I was not feeling well. Now this. Atleast we had water. That was the only consoling thing. Took out the ooooooold hand fan and made up our bed in the hall , opened the balcony door wide and slept. Was difficult but slept through the night somehow.

It's difficult here in the summers as one can't be without AC or cooler or atleast the fan. This summer especially has been quite long. The rains are not coming at all.It's difficutl in the winters as one can't be without the heater.When we come from a place where  the climate all year through is almost the same.... it become a bit stifling at times. Frankly speaking we use only one room of the house most of the time. We have shifted our TV to our bedroom. 2BHK is a waste here for couples like us.

PS: Electrician came and made everything alright. Was so afraid that we woudl have to sleep in that hot hot room again. Yea. Feel so happy and thankful to him.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if inspiration comes in limited quantities. Is it possible to use up everything? It is a long time since I wrote inspired by something. Those times when I know by instinct what follows what. It's as if my pot of inspiration is empty nowadays. Read a nice post today . It was from a personal blog and was quite honest. I wonder when was the last time I wrote so honestly.

Why do I write? For whom?

Is it for the perks in my stats , or so that Google can pick my blog when someone types a keyword.Is it for the future me or my kids to read or is it for my relatives. Is it for people i don't know to share something of my place, of my culture. Or is it for my mind to vent stress and my heart to find friends.

No longer do I write to stay in touch with writing . No longer is there a dream of publishing a book. Then why do I still write? Why do I spend hours in front of this blank page?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

So the Path- Joy of Giving - Week 33

Joy of Giving Card Week  33 was "Sign up to have your Organs Donated after you pass away."

Signing up for Organ Donation is not something which is common in India.  Infact people rarely do that. It is not that they don't care.. People don't know much about it and they are scared. I don't blame them. I myself was scared. Maybe I still am and I have tried to capture what I felt in this play.

I always wanted to get an Organ donation card. When I was younger I was afraid for religious reasons. I didnot know what religion spoke about it. Now I know God cannot forbid it.It simple didnot make sense for God to forbid it. I had put it off for quite sometime and atlast I decided to include it in my 101 things to do in 1001 days. This feeling grew stronger and stronger and during my trip to Amritsar I had made up my mind.  My husband always says when you are confused about a decision just take one. If it was wrong, then you would know it immediately . If it was right, you will feel peace. I also believe in the signs . Signs from the Universe or God and on that day I got one and I decided that when this card comes I will sign up.

Procedure is simple enough. Ritu has explained it very well in her blog.Please do take the time to read it. Actually it depends more on the relatives than the person who donates the organs as it is they who will have to call up the hospital and tell them to come and take the organs once you are brain dead. Morbid Topic ? I don't think so. I am sure my husband will support 100% but if he is too distraught I request my other relatives to gently remind him and with his permission do what is necessary in his behalf.

This is not really a decision written in stone you know. You can always tear up your Organ Donation card if you change your mind and you can convey it to your loved ones. But there is always one thing which makes me want to do it. What if it was my loved one who needed the Organ to live? Would I not do it then, within a heartbeat?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birds of Northern India by Richard Grimmett and Tim Inskipp

Yesterday I saw the Indian Grey Hornbill. I was extremely excited to see one as I am told they are difficult to spot.And how did I recognize the bird? . I bought my first field guide on Birds of Northern India by Richard Grimmett and Tim Inskipp. For the last few months I had been going through all the books I could get on birds and this was the first time I saw something which pleased me. All the birds that I had identified till now were there in the book and the pictures were exquisite. The minute difference between the different types of birds of the same family were shown very well. In fact I saw how a cattle erget dresses himself up when he goes courting. At first I had thought it was a different bird altogether. Hoping to have a very good time with my field book in the future. Next in the agenda.... Definitely a trip to Sultanpur bird Sanctuary.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woodpecker and Don't know

Ok, so got the pics of these two birds from afar with full zoom on with my digital camera.The digital camera actually belongs to both my hubby and me but then I am using it more now. Both the birds were on top of trees in the next plot. How I used to roam over there as a kid following butterflies, but now it is walled .hmmmm. Anyhow I know one is a woodpecker. I don't know what the second one is. At first I thought it was an erget which had gotten dirty but then it's neck looked different and the lower chest area was white whereas the wings were a dirty brown so I assume the color was natural. It also felt bigger. Also from what I have noticed of ergets, they are extremely clean no?. Anyhow back to the question, the second picture, is it a heron???? Can anybody help me out??

Presenting.... THE WOODPECKER

Wood pecker

And the I DONT KNOW Bird...

The first time I saw this pic , I couldnot find the bird. Could you???

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rufous Treepie

I have seen a Treepie in Gurgaon though I don't know if it was a Rufous Treepie. I especially love small birds with long tails. Took the pic of this one near my house in Trivandrum. Am beginning to regret that my camera doesn't have more zoom capacity. But then when we bought it , we didn't know I would become interested in birds.

Rufous Treepie

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dragon Fly - I think

Took a photo of the dragon fly outside my house. I was enjoying the butterflies flight when suddenly i saw this yellow thing glide. It looked really beautiful especially when the light came through it's wings.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello I am back.

I have been back from the day before yesterday but felt so out of touch with the blogging world that I didnot feel like writing anything at all. The vacation was very good. We didnot go visiting many places as my mom was having a minor operation (she is better now  not to worry) and so we spent most of the time in the hospital. I was supposed to come back to Gurgaon last week but then mom was advised not to travel to her native place and so I stayed back to take care of her. She needs 6 weeks rest , I could stay only for two weeks after which my parents have gone back to my native place where they have relatives nearby.
This vacation was a bit different as we did not plan anything, we did not pack until the last moment and even at that time we only  ensured whether we had our tickets, we did not buy gifts, we did not clean the house before leaving, in short we did not do anything we did the last time we went visiting.
I had forgotten the surprised look many people have when they read my name and my husbands name together. They look once, then they look at our faces, then they look again in the ticket with a puzzled look (are they married???? what is a hindu guy and a muslim girl doing together???) and then, they let us pass. We find it funny.
Once we reached Trivandrum suddenly I felt different. It was as if suddenly we remembered that I am his wife and he is my husband. In Gurgaon we are pals, we are room mates, we are just two people living our lives together, we love, we fight, and we behave exactly the way we want to. Suddenly in Trivandrum I felt as if, oopsie I forgot I was his wife. The gold band in our fingers had a meaning suddenly.  Not that it was different yet it was, do you get what I mean????.  I had forgotten how it felt.
Mom was already admitted in the hospital and so we spent most of the time in the hospital this time. Saw my dad after two years. Took care of my mom to the best of my ability. They are getting old. Joint families do have their advantages. Mom and dad need someone to do their little chores. To run errands. It’s times like this I wish we lived a little nearer. Maybe not in the same house but adjacent houses should be good enough. Atleast in the same state or nearby ones. Sigh!
 I saw how the wife being travel dependent affect men at old age too. Even now my father has to run errands for my mom and he is tired. But he does it. If my mom knew how to drive , if she was a bit more independent it would have helped him. Unfortunately it was not so in their times. I see the same trend even nowadays. Husbands not allowing wives to drive because they think she will be too independent.( how can anyone be too independent I wonder?)  I hope they learn a lesson from this.  It’s better that the husband and wife share equal overlapping responsibilities than have stereotyped ones. Today you can work alone. but tomorrow???? what if you need help and she/he  is too old to learn your job.
I don’t drive too, but that’s because of fear. It’s equally bad. Have decided to fight it. Planning to buy a two wheeler first. Once I get confident in that , I will try a bigger vehicle.Wish me luck.
We did not go anywhere much . Just one day we went to MIL’s native place to visit her relatives. It was good that we went. I like meeting relatives. It is fun though I am really not that good in socializing. We also went for a Malayalam movie “ Diamond Necklace”.  Reminded me of how much I missed watching Malayalam and Tamil movies too. Outsiders know only of Bollywood movies.  There are so many regional movies which are so awesome yet they are not well known. Too bad.
This time when we went to kerala I was hoping I would be able to see more birds. Unfortunately  I couldnot see that many. However I saw some hawks, a treepie( I think) and a woodpecker from afar. As far as birds are concerned that’s it. However I did see a pupa. A golden chrysalis. I wish I knew what butterfly would come out of it. Unfortunately it had not yet taken wings. By the end of my stay , I did see that the butterfly was almost formed inside.  I wonder if it has emerged. Should ask Shyamu.
Here's a pic of the pupa.