Sunday, June 24, 2012

So the Path- Joy of Giving - Week 33

Joy of Giving Card Week  33 was "Sign up to have your Organs Donated after you pass away."

Signing up for Organ Donation is not something which is common in India.  Infact people rarely do that. It is not that they don't care.. People don't know much about it and they are scared. I don't blame them. I myself was scared. Maybe I still am and I have tried to capture what I felt in this play.

I always wanted to get an Organ donation card. When I was younger I was afraid for religious reasons. I didnot know what religion spoke about it. Now I know God cannot forbid it.It simple didnot make sense for God to forbid it. I had put it off for quite sometime and atlast I decided to include it in my 101 things to do in 1001 days. This feeling grew stronger and stronger and during my trip to Amritsar I had made up my mind.  My husband always says when you are confused about a decision just take one. If it was wrong, then you would know it immediately . If it was right, you will feel peace. I also believe in the signs . Signs from the Universe or God and on that day I got one and I decided that when this card comes I will sign up.

Procedure is simple enough. Ritu has explained it very well in her blog.Please do take the time to read it. Actually it depends more on the relatives than the person who donates the organs as it is they who will have to call up the hospital and tell them to come and take the organs once you are brain dead. Morbid Topic ? I don't think so. I am sure my husband will support 100% but if he is too distraught I request my other relatives to gently remind him and with his permission do what is necessary in his behalf.

This is not really a decision written in stone you know. You can always tear up your Organ Donation card if you change your mind and you can convey it to your loved ones. But there is always one thing which makes me want to do it. What if it was my loved one who needed the Organ to live? Would I not do it then, within a heartbeat?


  1. Very nice post! Loved the thoughtfulness behind your thoughts!super!

    1. :) Thanks Nithya. Welcome here. Checking out your blog.


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