Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer night without Power backup

If you have just found a house to live in gurgaon do you know what will be my first question?
"Do you have power backup? What about the water supply?

For someone who has come from Kerala- this place will take your breath away - but not in a good way. There there are jungles with trees. Here there are jungle of concrete buildings. There the water is abundant. the supply water comes all the time. Here it is not, water supply stops at times for 2 days . However, to be fair, we have not really been in that critical a situation. There, half an hour of current cut is deemed outrageous but something we had come to accept grudgingly as it is planned. Here current plays hide and seek. It may come , it may not come, so power backup is essential. There when it rains you start wishing for the sun , here when it rains, it finishes before you know it. There life is slow. Here you are slow no matter how fast you run.

hmmm...on the other hand

You should not think that Gurgaon is as bad as I picture it to be. Gurgaon is where my home is , where I have found happiness, where I live with my love, where I am the mistress of my house,Gurgaon is the place which fills my stomach and yes, my heart too. If I am away for more than a week , I yearn for my house in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the place where I got my wings. Yes, I love my Gurgaon too.

Then you might wonder why I am going on and on about Kerala. Patience now. The overhead water tank was empty with not a drop of water to even wash hands after eating and the current was not there to pump the water up from the underground water tank (as usual). We waited patiently. Current came for 20 mintues and we filled the tank with the water (for which we are utmost thankful , so thankful that the forthcoming problems were easier to bear). Then again the current went.

It's extremely hot nowadays and hence, it is pretty unbearable without the AC. The fan obviously was not much use in such situations. Still, I was tired, I dozed off. Something woke me up in the night within an hour or two. It was not any noise, it was the absence of noise that had awakened me. An Eiree silence..The house was too quiet. Where did the humming sound of the fridge go? Then I realized, there was no sound of the fan. Weird .... it should be even if the current is not there . We have power backup.

Then it hit me that something was wrong with the powerbackup. Woke hubby up and both got worried. Everyone had power except us. That was bad. very very bad. Tinkered for sometime with the power backup but then released there was nothing we could do.Hubby was getting worried. I was not sleeping well these days and I was not feeling well. Now this. Atleast we had water. That was the only consoling thing. Took out the ooooooold hand fan and made up our bed in the hall , opened the balcony door wide and slept. Was difficult but slept through the night somehow.

It's difficult here in the summers as one can't be without AC or cooler or atleast the fan. This summer especially has been quite long. The rains are not coming at all.It's difficutl in the winters as one can't be without the heater.When we come from a place where  the climate all year through is almost the same.... it become a bit stifling at times. Frankly speaking we use only one room of the house most of the time. We have shifted our TV to our bedroom. 2BHK is a waste here for couples like us.

PS: Electrician came and made everything alright. Was so afraid that we woudl have to sleep in that hot hot room again. Yea. Feel so happy and thankful to him.


  1. Es ist sehr interessant zu lesen...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Thankyou CL. Nice to see you here. :)

    I used Google translate to understand your comment and it was really cool. Wow, even language barriers are getting overcome because of google translate so easily. Loving it.


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