Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woodpecker and Don't know

Ok, so got the pics of these two birds from afar with full zoom on with my digital camera.The digital camera actually belongs to both my hubby and me but then I am using it more now. Both the birds were on top of trees in the next plot. How I used to roam over there as a kid following butterflies, but now it is walled .hmmmm. Anyhow I know one is a woodpecker. I don't know what the second one is. At first I thought it was an erget which had gotten dirty but then it's neck looked different and the lower chest area was white whereas the wings were a dirty brown so I assume the color was natural. It also felt bigger. Also from what I have noticed of ergets, they are extremely clean no?. Anyhow back to the question, the second picture, is it a heron???? Can anybody help me out??

Presenting.... THE WOODPECKER

Wood pecker

And the I DONT KNOW Bird...

The first time I saw this pic , I couldnot find the bird. Could you???


  1. That one looks like a pond heron

  2. If interested in watching birds consider buying a super zoom camera 20X or more. It will be worth it.

    1. We are considering that , but we bought the camera very recently . There are a lot of other things in our list. And a binocular comes before the camera. :) How about gifting me one when you come back from US ;)

  3. You're so lucky to see a woodpecker, would love to see one.
    Yes, I can see the bird in your second shot.
    Looks like a great book about birds. We have some books about birds, flowers and nature.
    My husband knows a lot about birds, it's so easy to ask him when I see unknown birds.
    As an answer to your question: Yes, they are rocks on an old cemetery from the Bronze Age.
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Thanks Mette.

    This is my first book on birds. Hopefully we will buy more soon. :)


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