Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

It's weird how it works the same all the time. I try hard, hard and then in the end I give up and then ... it happens. Always always. I was trying to write an about me page for so long. I gave up and the next day I wrote one.But I can't give up simply ok. I have to try my very best.

There was no power today from 2:30am till 7:00 pm. Thank God it came now and thankgod we had office. Some Northern Grid power failure. 7 states didnot have power. But it's coming back now. Well..... Happens.

It's as if my day dreaming has been set free now. It was with great difficulty that I had stopped day dreaming. But this post seems to have brought it back . From when I have read Marcy's comment for the post Real India I have been day  dreaming of what places I will show to my friends who come visiting, especially someone from outside India. Where all I will take them if they give me two days.

There is a rat in the house yaar.... We just caught one and released it far away one week ago. This one seems huger and more clever. One rat every six months please. This is irritating.... but it's a part of life so well, I am not freaking out. There are mice even in Tom and Jerry.

Read a really really nice post.It's about   "Dressing down to save your soul".  by Purba. But you know this article is really relevant nowadays with so many cases coming up about moral polices out to get girls in the name of girls violating Indian Culture. So I hope my readers/loved ones will take time to read it.

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