Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Imaginary Day away from the crowd

Linking with Mommy Y - Me Linky for the very first time. For this prompt, I have to write about a Me moment. I love the fact that I can also write a fictional Me moment. It's a long time since I used my imagination, so writing this in itself was a true Me moment for me. Thank you Jennifer for giving me this opportunity.

When life gets a bit hectic or I am feeling overwhelmed, I close my eyes and I get transported to this place.

 I find myself in a log cabin somewhere in the higher grounds near the mountains maybe. It’s morning and the sunlight comes in from the eastern windows. The cabin is round and quite bare. It has a round wooden table and two tasteful chairs. Yet it looks extremely cheerful with flowers adorning small vases mounted on the walls.

I open the door and the sweet fragrance of the pink and yellow chameli flowers float into the room. It looks like it has rained slightly last night for the ground is a bit wet and the plants are drying in the sun. I sit on the steps of my porch and I see a cup of filter coffee just beside me. I sip it slowly and take in the beautiful scene blossoming in front of me. I breathe in the fresh air and I sign contently.

I see rows of blossoms, petunias and cosmos of different colors on either side of a stone pathway leading to a namesake fence with a namesake gate. Butterflies fluttering from one flower to another- red, black, blue and yellow… Big ones, small ones, round ones, swallow tailed ones…Bees buzzing, small birds chirping….A small breeze making the leaves dance….

My my… if this is not life then what is…

I finish my coffee and walk on the pathway. I see a small weed growing between the stones. Should I remove it; I think for a moment but then my heart fills with pity for this little one who has grown against all the odds. It has to be done someday… but not today. I think and I move one. I inspect the leaves, and flowers, kiss one or two resisting the urge to kiss them all. Then I stand up and I take a huge step and I cross the shrubs and am in the Yard. Flowering trees adorn the edges and Hydrangea’s grace every corner.
I walk along the fence and I reach my back yard. This is not maintained much and it’s pretty wild here. But I love this too. Here there is greener than the front yard but this jade is as precious to me as the flowers planted in rows. Vines of yellow flowers and red trumpet creepers remind me of my childhood. A wild mulberry tree sustains my awakening hunger for the time being. Oleanders with soft baby pink flowers catches my eye as it stands surrounded by vibrant colors of dark green, red and bright sunny yellow.

At one end of the yard I see a huge tree with branches spread so wide that a whole wedding party could be accommodated under it's branches. Only a part remains inside the yard though. The leaves are strewn on the ground, I guess from last night’s rain and are a bit wet too. Still I take a broom lying nearby and sweep the leaves to a pile. I see the broom has made patterns on the wet yet firm ground and I try to make some more patterns with it. Then I see a swing , made of sturdy coir rope and a flat piece of wood for a seat, hanging from one of the stronger branches  I keep my broom aside and sit on it and begin to swing slowly… to and fro…. to and fro….

to be continued

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  1. So peaceful. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up. I can't wait to read more.


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