Sunday, July 22, 2012

Because I felt like Writing

It's one of those times when one feels like writing all the time yet, has nothing substantial to say. What should one do at that time????

Just Write...

The German GP will start in 10 minutes and I am going to be subjected to roaring machines zooming cars and a super excited Hubby.  Why don't people show these in advertisements? Such stereotyping in ads. Wife crying over some Soap Opera and hubby chatting in the mobile phone about cricket scores. With all the things girls are supposed to do, obsess about shopping, about their looks, gossip about who is going out with whom, who is doing what in which soap opera, seriously , I am beginning to doubt if I am a woman at all. I don't do any of these things. One day I was dropped off in the market by a colleague and he asked me what I was going to do as I was not with my hubby that day. I said I had some work. And he said "oh Beauty Parlor????" I was like huh!!!!

Sometimes I feel sorry for the guys. They simply have no clue. I sometimes think I should write a Guide for Guys 101. Actually Unmana has written something I wish all guys could read here.

The Formula 1 GP has started. I am actually beginning understand these things. Next time there is an Indian GP, hubby and I are going to go. He had a great time last time. I had stayed back. This time hopefully I will be able to go with him.

What a good movie can do for you!!!! I really felt so happy after coming back yesterday from the theater. I still feel happy. Talking about Happy, yesterday I got this link from Marcy's blog - Leigh Vs Laundry. She has this super project of 52 weeks of happiness. Every week you take a photo of something which makes you very very happy and then link it to her blog . I am so excited about this and I intend to take part in it. A reminder of things that make us happy is a very good thing , don't you think? I had written a poem/song long time ago about things that brought me happiness. Will post it someday. I love such prompts.

The Joy of Giving Cards by Ritu and Marcy's Scene from a Memoir are some prompts I take part whenever possible. Jennifer has Mommy - Me Prompt but I think because I am not a mommy I am not qualified because, well, all my time is a Me time. If I had not been such an active participant during my niece’s babyhood, I might have thought that being a mommy was quite a glamorous prospect. Well I know better. Anyhow If God Wills, maybe I will be taking part in all mommy bloggers prompts someday. Skywatch Friday is also a great prompt for people who love skies and photography.

Yesterday I bought Linda Good man's Sun Signs. She has written all good good things about my Sign. (Aries - if you are wondering which it is. True Arian - I am) So I like reading it. It doesn’t do any harm for yourself to be praised a bit you know. In fact , I believe that if you don't love yourself , you cannot love anyone else. Start everyday with one thing you love yourself for. Do so every day for a month. You have to be Specific. You should not say " I love myself because I am a good person". Nope. What is it about you that makes you a good person? Is it that you are not jealous of anybody, or you don't tell lies. What exactly makes you a good person?

Self Esteem is so important, is it not? Hmmmm… reminded me of another post. If you are feeling a bit low, you should read this. This post is full of links is it not?

Talking of Links, I have been desperately trying to write an About me Page. Apparently one of the worse mistakes of a blogger is not having a about me (AM) page. But I have been very very unsuccessful. I have read different kinds of them - precise AM's, Long and lengthy AM's, crisp and short AM's but still can't write one. I wish someone interviewed me. I would use that as a "AM". In fact here is what I would like to know when I read your blog.

Here are my 9 Questions for you .
1. What's your name, and where are you from and what do you do?
2. How would you describe yourself as a person? (if it's a personal blog)
3. Why do you blog?
4. What do you blog about?
5. Who is your target audience or do you write for yourself first?
6. Can you give me a sample post from each of the labels you post?
7. What kind of blogs do you follow?
8. How do you like your comments?
9. Do you Intend to write a book someday?

If anybody wants to answer these questions, please do and please don't forget to leave a link to your blog in the comments section. I love reading blogs. I will definitely read yours (as long as it is not about marketing or politics)

I will stop with this for now. I have a feeling I will be posting every day this week.I might as well leave something to write about. Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Thank you for the mention! I've opened up the linky to anyone, my only rule is not writing about children or homeschooling. I love poetry, fictional writing, anything about yourself that you would enjoy. This would be a great one to link up!

    I've found that the more I force myself to blog, the more I want to write. I began my blog with the intention of trying to make time to write, if only something small. This week I finally found my inspiration for writing a book.

    I'm going to check out your other links too! I'll be looking for more from you this week. ;)

    1. :) That makes me happy. I should have just asked in the first place instead of assuming. Monday is already over here. Will link up the next monday. :)

  2. Guide for guys 101!! Outrageous..

    1. I agree... But what to do Aravind all guys are not like you and my hubby.I can't tell you half the things I hear from some guys. I begin to wonder how they will have a good relation with their wives if this is their thoughts on women. Well, now a days I have learnt to have a partially deaf ear.


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