Thursday, July 12, 2012

From the stairs - Compassion

Sometimes when the climate is good and the roads are empty, sometimes when the stars are inviting and the moon enchanting, sometimes when my love has gone out on an errand for me and I am waiting for him, I sit here, on these flight of stairs and absorb whatever happens in front of me.
That night I was waiting for my hubby to return home. I was counting the number of times the aero planes flew past our home during that time when the noise of a car disturbed me. The MLA lady and her son got off a taxi around 10-15 steps from their home. The son ,around 8-10, had a plastic bag in his hand with food in it. It must have smelt delicious because the stray dog in our street ran up to him in a jiffy, begging for food.
The boy was startled for a moment and took a step back. By that time , his mommy paid the taxi guy, came forward, took his hand and shouted harshly at the dog to move away. She bent down , took a pebble (very tiny one) and threw it on the dog. Before I could cringe or before the dog could react a tiny voice called out horrified."mamma don't shout at the doggy, mamma. he will get scared." 
But neither the mamma nor the dog listened. The dog was even more enthusiastic and the MLA lady was actually freaking out. This was the first time I was seeing her like this. She was normally quite calm. I suspect  a bad childhood memory. Well, I could sympathize.
She reached the Gate of her house and asked for her help to get a stick. This, horrified the boy( and me) quite a bit. "What are you doing mamma," he cried out. "Animals also have feelings mamma, He will not harm you mamma. Animals also have feelings. He will get scared. He will not harm you" He cried out again and again and my heart was touched by his compassion.
The lady beat her stick in the air one -  two times, to scare the dog and then taking the boy's hand marched into her house. Her help quickly locked the gate.


  1. My son is afraid of dogs, although I'm not certain why. We have two of our own.

    What a difficult spot to be in, torn between fear and compassion. Beautiful photo and story.

    1. I am afraid of dogs too. A dog chased me when i was a kid and i jumped into a rose bush. So totally scared!!! I could understand how she felt.


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