Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dark Knight RIses

 Went to see "The Dark Knight Rises". LOVED it. Loved the climax too. I did not know Anne Hathaway was Catwoman and it was a very pleasant surprise for me. I do like her very very much. She has a very happy face,don't you think. Loved her in this role. I think I was more interested in Catwoman than Batman in this movie. I think it may also becasue I was extremely disappointing with Halle Berry's Catwoman. I never thought SHE would give such a disastrous performance and reduce Catwoman to ...well .... nothing. Anyhow back to this movie.  Loved it Loved it Loved it. Didn't know that there was any scene in India so I was quite surprised to see familiar forts.

 I thought Everyone Acted perfectly and suited the role to the mark. Worth a watch if one likes superhero movies.

Was so happy today. It feels really good to watch a good movie after so many days. Now I feel like reading DC Comics once again.

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