Tuesday, August 21, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - 1

OK, this is the first time I am linking to this project though I have been meaning to do it for a long long time. This project is Leigh's idea in which every week she finds something happy and records it by taking a photo. And is she not sweet to share it with us? It's good to find things to be happy about, no? More importantly it is good to recognize that there are so many things which make us happy. Infact I was extremely happy when I discovered Leigh's page. I was searching for something like this. You know that feeling when you search and search and search for something and then suddenly when you lose hope you find it unexpectedly and there is that overwhelming feeling in your heart of relief , of happiness. That's how I felt but I can't take a photo of that feeling so lets see what I can do about it.

So anyhow let me stop blabbering and come to the point....Introducing without further ado....the first photo of one of the things which makes me insanely happy.

1.Silvery Clouds

There is something about clouds that lift my heart... Nimbus clouds, fluffy clouds, pillow type clouds,stratus clouds,clouds of different shapes....  I and my friend Sabi used to cloud gaze when we were children and I guess subconsciously they are linked to happy times. But even among clouds, silvery clouds take the cake. They remind me of the stories of cloud elves whose job is to paint the silver lines on clouds.


  1. Those clouds lifted my heart today, too. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful photo of your silvery clouds, love it!
    Sounds like a great project!
    Wish you a wonderful day.


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