Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leaving Facebook and a bit of other stuff

Note:  More a mail than a blog post  :)
Hello, sorry for not writing for so long. Was not well last week. Right now life is quite mundane and I am struggling to find anything to write about. I wish I could write about certain characters in my life who entertain me with their antics sometimes. I could really write about SS - the Neighbor aunty and DM - the draftsman I work with. Actually SS is quite an important part of my life and I doubt if I would ever forget her and believe me, I could write a book about her. She taught me what kind of a neighbor one should not be.
DM used to frustrate the hell out of me to an extent that in the end our dealings had become extremely funny. Now, I have learnt to deal with his idiosyncrasies and he has learnt to deal with me as well. I have a good relationship with him now though sometimes he makes me clutch my hair and see red too.
 Rt now, he works with Juniors…
Yoo-hoo,it feels good to become seniors. After three years of being the youngest in the office, it really feels good to have people younger and less experienced than you. Though I must admit, workload has reduced a bit which I am not totally comfortable with. I love having loads of work. An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop, and with an overactive mind like mine, I would rather be fully occupied.
Here recent news is that, I have left Facebook, for now at least. A month ago, i suddenly realized that I had an over load of information. I do have a brain like a sponge (for certain things, especially info of loved ones). And I found that I knew more about my hubby’s family, and friends, than himself. The full impact of this realization hit me when I found that I knew my grand aunt in law’s birthday and my BIL who lives 5 minutes from them did not. I had this overload of info about everyone, people I have not met in years and people I may not meet in future and god knows their friends as well.
And worse of all, I realized that the keeping “in touch with friends”, at least for me, was deceptive. I felt we thought we were in touch with friends but actually we were not. I knew everything of everyone (At least what they posted online) but I did not have a single phone number, I was not comfortable enough to call and say, ‘hey girl, howz life’. How sad is that!!! I suddenly realized I would rather have 20 friends than 200 but those 20 should be someone I could call. I could feel an emotional connection towards them. At that point I felt I was coming out of an illusion.
There were other more important reasons too. I will tell you another thought which crossed my mind. I have a ‘friend’ who is originally the friend of a friend(don't we all have those). We meet sometimes, he calls up, nice guy, and all was fine until we became ‘friends’ in facebook. He was quite active in Facebook and his feeds used to come frequently. The problem was, looking at  the stuff he “liked” I realized that our wavelengths not only do not match, but also move in opposite directions.  Let me give you a small example.
One thing he “liked” was an “I love my India” poster. What’s the big deal you might ask? The big deal was, the poster was of two soldiers – one of India and One of its neighboring country (3 guesses which one). The Indian Soldier was shielding a family from terrorists and the soldier from the other country was killing a family he was supposed to protect. I did not like it one bit(Need I elabarote why???). And I did not like the mentality which prompted him to “like” such a pic.  Every time I talked to him after that I remembered this and other things he had "liked". And yes, I judged him. And I wondered if I wanted to be friends with him at all.
I am not a saint and I am not Zen. I have not yet conquered myself that I can stop myself from judging anybody. But I don’t want to think negative. I don’t want to think bad about others. I may meet him only once in 6 months. I may talk to him maybe 20 sentences in a year. Why should I poison my mind with such thoughts and that too thoughts which have no significance in our relationship? I have not yet learned to control the feelings that such information invokes in me so I might as well cut the source of unnecessary info until I do learn. Sometimes, Ignorance Is bliss. There is enough good Vs evil fights going on in our minds, why invite more unnecessarily, no?
Our mind is filled with too much clutter nowadays. I am on a de - cluttering spree… For now I am out of Facebook. If one is not enjoying it, what’s the point of having an account huh!
I know, One can regulate stuff in facebook ,block in such a way that nobody knows they are being avoided, blocked or so on.... But this is what I choose now. And the way it has been going , I don’t regret it.
 Have started reading again in all the free time I am getting now. Hubby bought me DC Comics Batman series Chronicals – Vol I. loved it. I want to read the Phantom Series too but unfortunately I am not able to find the old ones in stores. Have started reading Ruskin Bond’s Omnibus for children. I can see why people like his stories so much. But more about it in another post :)
What’s up at your end???


  1. I have had similar problems with Facebook. Friends or relatives with whom I would avoid discussing politics in real life post things that I believe are ignorant and sometimes even hateful. If I respond about how their post is not factual, they or their friends either attack or say something like, "Lighten up; it's just a joke." Ugh!

    1. Exactly my feelings!!!

      'Lighten up,it's just a joke'. I have heard it so many times too but have never been able to see what was so funny about them.

  2. I ve unsubscribed from a lot and put those I am interested in the close friends circle. So I almost always get relevant feeds only..

    1. That's a good idea. I had unsubscribed from a lot of stuff too but still some feeds kept appearing and i was too fed up in the end. I suspect if you like someone else's share automatically the page gets liked???? I don't know. Anyhow, It felt like too much of a bother in the end. I find I am not missing it at all! Read 2 books in a month after a long long time...


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