Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tables Turned

It’s weird how each and every one of my friends are recent proud parents of girls. Every one of them. It's as if Nature is trying to balance the ratio. Of all the female feticides going on she is making sure all the others are having girls. But the question is will their mates have the same kind of parents. Ok totally judgmental I know. But it's weird. Around 5 -10 people. All Girls. Now I have no problem with girls of course, I being one but sometimes I wonder, is something going on under the surface which we don't know about!!!! Where are all the baby boys???

Talking about girls, something happened this time I went home. So Amma had an operation and I was there to take care of her. We had just finished breakfast and I was taking some rest before starting lunch when suddenly my mom who was in deep thought suddenly said " rahmath, You should take care of your MIL very very well".  "Obviously amma, I will take care of her. But what made you say this suddenly out of the blue" I said

"Poor lady, she has only sons. She does not have any daughters"

I started laughing out loud. My My, How did this happen??? For years and years of hearing how unfortunate women with girl children are, I suddenly hear, from my mother (who has heard it so many times too and somewhere deep in my heart  I wonder sometimes whether she believed those idiots who told her that…hmmmm I digress where was I?, ya I suddenly hear, from my mother ) that it's unfortunate that someone has only sons!!!!

"This is something that I never thought you would say. How did your analysis change suddenly? I asked.

"I have seen so many cases. In the end, it is only the daughters who are there. Sons are not. You should take care of her well. That's all “she said.

I assured her I will though I also made sure she knew that my MIl and FIL, had brought up their sons well and that no they didnot need to depend on their DIL's to take care of them. Their sons would do that quite well without the help of their wives. Still, I promised her I would. (Guys, you must not get angry with my mom for saying this. We are what we experience in our lives. Her recent experience was such)

But for some one like me, who has heard the dialogue "'only girls, so sad' or 'oh, no boy? ' " 'oh nowadays girls are equal to boys, so it’s ok' said in that condescending tone" some100 times, well this was a sweet revelation from my mom (even if it's not entirely true.)

How the tables have turned!!!

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