Friday, August 31, 2012

Thou Shall be Judged

If you go against the norms,  people do resist. They may be Judgemental, They may even discriminate. 

If you are thin, if you are fat,
if you are short , if you are tall,
if you  are black or white or brown.
if you look different or act different
if you are a boy or a girl or both,

if you are a vegetarian or non vegetarian,
If you are working or stay at home spouse
if you have had a choice marraige or arranged...
if you are a parent or don't want kids

if you are a women or a man,
if you are happily married or happily not married.
If you are succesful, if you are not.
If you are one of the crowd
if you stand out on your own
if you dare to follow a different path...

my dear
you are going to be subjected to some nonsense at some point.

Was even Lord Krishna spared because of the color of his skin? They decided that Gods couldn’t be black, so they made him dark blue. It’s part and parcel of life. Before you think of yourself as a victim look at the other person, most probably he thinks himself as one too. This I have observed.

I have also observed something else, that it's never about the choice, but it's the person who judges. A meat eater doesnot judge a pure vegetarian because he is a meat eater, it's because he doesnot know he is not supposed to do that when he should.

Aha! See, I too have judged him now.

This exact example I take, because recently I have seen posts berating the attitude problem of meat eaters. I can swear I have gone through the same behaviour among vegetarians when they are the majority. It's always the person who stands out who is judged. It has nothing to do with the choice.

Why one discriminates??? I don’t know,

Maybe we feel threatened. Or maybe our bruised ego needs some mending this way.Maybe it's just previous resentment showing through. Maybe we just don’t know that we actually are discriminating.  That we actually  are hurting someone. Maybe the majority would stop discriminating if only they knew.


  1. I've been there!!
    I could totally relate to this one.
    I like posts when they speak more for me!! This is one of 'em!

    1. I am happy that you liked it. Thankyou. :)


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