Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye for now

Came for saying goodbye. Going for a break now and I think it will be a long one. Sorry I can't tell you why right now. - not in this blog atleast. Lots of things - new experiences - going on in my life right now. Will not be able to dedicate the time. Will come back. Have made some wonderful friends...Will come back.

Lots and lots of love

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Good Samaritan

 "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders, to let him know the world hadn't ended."

- Batman to Jim Gordon in the movie , The Dark Knight rises

A few days ago it rained heavily here. Morning we got ready to go the office but the rain just did not show any sign of stopping. So we decided to go to office in auto. Hubby would go to the gate of the colony where autos stood and he would catch one and come and then we would go. My hubby came back and we were on our way.

"Today I met a gentleman". He said smiling softly.

 "The autodriver???"

"No" He said. When he reached the autostand there was only one auto. So he asked the driver if he would go to the station. Just then another man with an umbrella reached too. He also wanted to hire an auto. The auto driver understood that and decided to play up. He asked the other guy where he wanted to go keeping my hubby hanging. The gentle man said." He asked you first , You answer him, then if it's not feasible then I will ask". Then the auto driver answered my hubby and came with him. Before my hubby could convey his thanks to the other guy, he had already left, hailing another auto that went past him.

I have felt Gurgaon to be a place where basic manners are hard to find. I think the greatest challenge here is to keep your decency. I confess, I can't many a times. The normal reaction we expect in this case is the second guy to barge in and then just go in the auto. 'Why should I care about somebody else is the norm'. In fact sometimes it feels as if good guys always finish last here.I don't know if it is so everywhere. At least that's been my experience. But I would be extremely happy whenever this is proved wrong. So,this incident, though small, left both me and my hubby with a warm fuzzy feeling in the heart. My hubby's regret was that he couldn't thank him.

I know the corruption level is high, crime rates are increasing and all kinds of nonsense is going on but we , the people have such power within us to give happiness to others in such small ways....

When someone shows his signal to go right, slow down your vehicle instead of increasing you speed just to overtake him which you would never have in your normal speed.

When someone behind you has only one thing to bill and you have 20, ask the cashier to bill his first.

When there is no place anywhere in the food court, and you are using just two of your seats and there is space in your table, invite those two who are looking for free tables as they may be too shy to barge into yours.

When there is a huge traffic Jam and someone needs a bit of space to go to the other side allow him instead of just moving forward mindlessly.

And when someone does one of these things for you...Smile, acknowledge and say thank you if possible. They may not expect it but make them feel as good as you felt when they did this small thing for you

An unsung hero... the common man...

We have such power within us...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Of happenings - this and that

Would not it be nice to have something interesting to write every single day. Unfortunately for me , I don't have much to write about. I think it's because of the reduced time I spend in the internet. And the time I do spend, I normally multitask so, the concentration required to write something is rarely achieved.

August was not a good month for us here. First half , I was sick, and second half we were on our toes trying to catch rats that had infested our house when I was sick. It was a very tiring and mentally exhausting time as the traps didnot work after 2 of them were caught. Rats are very very very clever creatures. And even though  (i think) we have got rid of them , I am always scared that we are going to infected by plague or salmonella or something or something which they may have left behind. Too much info is bad you know. I never should have gone and read about them in wikipedia.

It's almost a month yet it feels as if our health has not been regained completely. So, we have started walking- slowly one extra round around the park at a time (6.5 make a km). I feel better with each passing day. It's not as if I am doing some aerobic exercise or my weight is going to reduce, but some kind of exercise is better than nothing I guess. Winter is supposed to be the healthy climate here. Can't wait for winter to come. This time whatever happens, (IGW) I will go to Sultanpur Bird sanctuary. Migratory birds have started to come - the newspapers say.

This saturday , we are going to go to the Delhi Book Fair (IGW). We have religiously gone every year we have been in Gurgaon. The last year we visited, we didnot buy much, yet we go, simply to see.
It's beautiful to be surrounded by these many books and booklovers.

I had registered for an online library recently. Friends of Books. I just got four of their books. I should have got only 2 per delivery according to the plan I am in, so I will have to write to them. Anyhow felt very nice to see them. I didnot think that much while browsing and selecting the books. I just wanted to try it out.

They have sent Four books instead of two. I have to write to them as their website thinks they have sent only two. Felt good to see those books. It feels good to be a part of the library already. I think I am going to enjoy FOB. I registered on 2 nd night and today is 6th actaully they would have delivered on 4th itself but I missed his call. I think 2 days is pretty fast. Perks of living in the Delhi/NCR region - I guess.

I read my diary yesterday. It felt very nice. Someday I will share some pages here.
I wish I had a grandfather or grandmother - I would write letters to them. And I know they would have the time and wish to write long long letters to me too.They might share their views on something and I might share mine. Emails have spoilt somethings. Everyone is used to writing small small mails with 'Wazzup' and 'life's gud here' and 'tc'. Writing long long mails don't work. The thing about mails is that when you don't receive anything back or you receive one liner you kind of tend to get bored na. That's why this blog is important to me. It feels like I'm writing mails.

When was the last time you received a hand written letter?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - 2

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My second entry... 
When it rained after a hot summer....

And my tulasi plant came alive once again with the rains.

My tulasi plant is flourishing now thanks to the rains. And I feel extremely happy every time I see it.