Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Good Samaritan

 "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders, to let him know the world hadn't ended."

- Batman to Jim Gordon in the movie , The Dark Knight rises

A few days ago it rained heavily here. Morning we got ready to go the office but the rain just did not show any sign of stopping. So we decided to go to office in auto. Hubby would go to the gate of the colony where autos stood and he would catch one and come and then we would go. My hubby came back and we were on our way.

"Today I met a gentleman". He said smiling softly.

 "The autodriver???"

"No" He said. When he reached the autostand there was only one auto. So he asked the driver if he would go to the station. Just then another man with an umbrella reached too. He also wanted to hire an auto. The auto driver understood that and decided to play up. He asked the other guy where he wanted to go keeping my hubby hanging. The gentle man said." He asked you first , You answer him, then if it's not feasible then I will ask". Then the auto driver answered my hubby and came with him. Before my hubby could convey his thanks to the other guy, he had already left, hailing another auto that went past him.

I have felt Gurgaon to be a place where basic manners are hard to find. I think the greatest challenge here is to keep your decency. I confess, I can't many a times. The normal reaction we expect in this case is the second guy to barge in and then just go in the auto. 'Why should I care about somebody else is the norm'. In fact sometimes it feels as if good guys always finish last here.I don't know if it is so everywhere. At least that's been my experience. But I would be extremely happy whenever this is proved wrong. So,this incident, though small, left both me and my hubby with a warm fuzzy feeling in the heart. My hubby's regret was that he couldn't thank him.

I know the corruption level is high, crime rates are increasing and all kinds of nonsense is going on but we , the people have such power within us to give happiness to others in such small ways....

When someone shows his signal to go right, slow down your vehicle instead of increasing you speed just to overtake him which you would never have in your normal speed.

When someone behind you has only one thing to bill and you have 20, ask the cashier to bill his first.

When there is no place anywhere in the food court, and you are using just two of your seats and there is space in your table, invite those two who are looking for free tables as they may be too shy to barge into yours.

When there is a huge traffic Jam and someone needs a bit of space to go to the other side allow him instead of just moving forward mindlessly.

And when someone does one of these things for you...Smile, acknowledge and say thank you if possible. They may not expect it but make them feel as good as you felt when they did this small thing for you

An unsung hero... the common man...

We have such power within us...


  1. Last week in Chicago railway station an african american guy came to me asking where I wanted to go what was my train number and tried to help me find out where I had to go to catch the train and offered to come with me to drop me off. But I was a little skeptical and just thanked him politely and told that I would go on my own. As soon as he heard that he wished me a fine journey and was off asking other people helping them out with their destination directions. I felt a little bad as he may not have intended any harm and just wanted to help a foreigner. I think I did the right thing but was left wondering if these sort of responses from others will kill the last bit of goodness left in humans.

  2. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a wonderful week.

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    1. Odambu Sariyillapa. Will chat when possible


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