Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weaving thoughts

I have been writing a post for the last 3 -4 days but that is almost like a chapter of my autobiography , so you will have to wait until the book gets published to read it ;). Why do only famous people get to write auto bios?; I feel ordinary people's lives must be so  interesting, no? I think ordinary people don't write bios because they feel their live are not worth writing about. Well, if someone thinks so , they are wrong. I would rather read those books than some political leaders'.

I was going through my previous blog which I used to write in college( it's private now). It was sheer blah. Maybe there were just a handful of posts which I would even think of posting in this blog and that too only after some editing.I blush when I read them now. How extremely immature. I wonder if after 10 years I would feel the same about this blog. Anyhow, with the seriously mundane life that I am leading now, I am beginning to think I will be writing a series of blah posts from now on. You know , just so that my darling blog wont die off. Until I find great motivation to do something apart from eating sleeping and going to office, I m afraid I have no other choice. So I apologise first itself before I start bombarding them towards you.

But then I guess, they would be the most honest posts that I would publish....

Talked to my sis for a long time today. It was required. I needed help. I wonder if she thought I was weak. But then I cannot bother about my image to my own sister.That would be stupid would it not. Anyhow ...I am not ashamed of any of my weaknesses you know. It helps me be the person I am. It helps me empathize better, helps me understand others. It helps me not to judge people. Even then, sometimes I do.I don't think people should be ashamed of weaknesses which does no harm to anyone else. World would be so boring if everyone were perfect,no?

Stopping for now
Love Rahmath

PS: I have written only 2 posts last month. Can you believe it. I will definitely write more from now on...even if it is just ....Blah posts.

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