Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Random Thoughts


They say that if you make a wishlist, the chances of you getting them is more. I think it is true. I wrote a wishlist and within a day , I bought one of them - the Kitchen Tissue Holder. As my birthday is coming in March and my sisters are coming from abroad and my ILs always buy something for me everytime they visit or someone visits, what you say I write a list for myself, my hubby and family and friends huh ;).

1.  Lint cutter
2.  A small crystal vase which can accomodate 3-4 flowers. Empty Ketchup bottle dont satisfy me anymore.
3.  A square tissue paper holder for our bedroom.
4.  .....That's it???? I thought I had a longer list!!!! Will make a separate post for this. I guess I have to think

Anyhow long term wishlist.

1. A small printer/scanner
2. A comfortable couch in which I an d hubby and cuddle in front of the TV.
3. A nice chest of drawers/TV stand


That was a biiiiiiiiiig random thought was it not? .Well had to write it down. It was cluttering my mind.


I am having a gala time reading blogs now. Many of my Fav blog authors are a part of 30 day writing challenge , so I get to read their posts everyday. Sadly it is coming to an end soon. I want to write everyday too. But it is such a commitment that when it is not possibel for me to cough up a decent number of posts for the last couple of months, it would be over ambitious of me to take up this challenge. But I do want to publish something with more frequency. So I will try, even if I have to raid my old blog to find some everygreen posts.


Wondering what to tell the cook to make tonight. Had thought of making Semiya Upma for tomorrow morning, so thought of telling her to cut onions and all, but then what about the sambar vegetables which have been cut????? and the Dosa batter in the fridge????. Then what about the lunch tomorrow???? Too many things to plan nowadays. Earlier the lunch was not an issue because our mess food was good, but now it's so pathetic that I can't eat and when I can't eat , I am in a state of perpetual hunger. And it is definitely not good being in a state of perpetual hunger right now. So we are slowly making the transition to eating home-food for lunch. Phew, It's something I thought only moms can do :) Sandalous.... I know. 28 year old cannot bring her own lunch? Any new change takes time for me,especially if it involves me getting up earlier or doing any extra work :-p


Oh the name Ishaan is taken. Remember my post "search for a name". We were getting slighlty inclined towards the name Ishaan but I was a bit confused becasue, in Sanskrit it means Vishu and in Persian it means God's gift, but was not getting enough references. I definitely didnot want to put a religious name. Anyhow one of my classmate's son is named Ishaan so obivously we won't use it. Guess God decided for us :) Good. I like it when he decides. Little less headache for us.
So we were thinking again when my hubby said (jokingly) 'lets put Krishnan '. Now we have to be totally unbiased, So I said ( there are certain things I don't agree even as a joke.It might become true and I am adamant that the baby should have a non biased name), "oh then we will add Mohammed in front of it." Then I remembered that passports need 3 names so .... "Why not put  Mohammed Abraham Krishnan. His friends can call him Mak , My parents can call him Mohammed, Your parents can call him Krishnan, We ourselves will call him Abi and it syncs with what we believe in". And you know what ?.... The weird part was that we didn't feel it was stupid. In fact MAK actually fit. For the first time I felt a name fit. Hey! if people can name their children Alpha, beta and Omega why not MAK. Are only physicists allowed to put out of the box names????  If we were a wee bit eccentric maybe we would have put that name but then I guess it is not fair to the child. What if he does not even care about this? But we will sure tell the baby (if its a boy ie) that it was the name we chose and if he wants he can embrace it in future. I sure hope our children inherit our wackiness, otherwise they are going to think we are some kind of aliens.hmmmm....
****A Quick Prayer****
Stopped searching for the name by the way.Will do it later.Am so afraid of jinxing anything. Only priority is a healthy baby , mental and physical. Nothing Else dear Lord, Nothing Else.


  1. What if someone whom you know used the same name? You already have a strict set of rules for the name. Why make it even tougher?

    1. True.... Anyhow poorapookila suthisuthi amanke thirpi varuvom endru thonthu :)


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