Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When you are in Love....

Yesterday we went to the mall in the evening to buy a washing machine. (The model we wanted was not there but  have almost decided what we want. Going for Samsung, Top Loading, Anyhow...) I was feeling extremely hungry and was craving for a masala corn. I was originally craving for a "something" hotdog but after my very recent infection decided to play extra extra safe and not have hot dogs too from outside. (My list of things to eat later on is growing day by day now). Anyhow fortunately for me, the corn stall was just near the lift and so I and hubby settled for our respective snacks in one of the benches in front of the lift. The other bench was occupied but a young couple who I didnot give a second glance because....well why should I?

After sometime this couple got up to leave and pressed the lift button. While they were waiting, suddenly the guy pulled the girl beside him and they both looked at themselves in the mirror near the lift. They looked so sweet and happy that I ... I was transported to 3 years back, when the hubby and I, did the same thing while we were going to get married. Just to see how we looked together. Just to imagine how people will see us in future...in wedding photos  or in parties or just like this in the mall. It was so so sweet. My heart welled with happiness for them. I wished them happiness in my mind.

But unfortunately, the guy saw me looking (I was sitting just behind them) and got a bit self concious. Fortunetely, the lift came and both of them jumped in , the girl still having the twinkle in her eyes. I quickly shared it with my huuby and I wondered to myself why we didnot do it anymore. It was only 2.5 years. But then I realized we still do it sometimes. But, in front of our bedroom mirror.

Ah, young love. They gave me such happiness. They reminded me of times gone by...


  1. I couldn't help but smile on reading this post.Reminded me of the so many times that we unconsciously gazed at ourselves, lost in our own world. Young or old, the love in the eyes says it all..


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