Friday, February 22, 2013

All one needs

Sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement. And if you cannot encourage, at least no discouragement. Sometimes all we need is a bit of acceptance and a saying that's “its ok” , "You can do it". or maybe "Don't worry it will be ok". Sometimes when a person shares his fears, it's not because he can't deal with it, maybe it's just so that he feels a bit of relief when he shares it. At such times as these, however well-meaning one may be, advices are not what one needs. It’s just a nod, it’s just a clasp of's just an understanding smile....that's all that one needs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Talking

Will inspiration hit if I keep staring at this page? I guess not , so I may as well write. How quickly a week passes before you realise ...ooooops its more than a week since you wrote your last blog post. It's not that I have not tried writing you know.I come , I draft and then I leave it deeming it as not good enough.

Life has been good. I guess I appreciate good health even more now. Like I began to appreciate food more after going to hostel or taking breakfast seriously after having an attack of stomach ulcer. Until you lose something once I guess you don't really realize it's importance.

2013 promises to be a year of changes. They may not be bad changes but difficult? yes, Challenging? yes. And I am not talking about the baby. There were rumors of the company going through a tough time and apparent downsizing. When both husband and wife work in the same company it has many advantages and many disadvantages, one of them being, the chances of both of us losing jobs at the same time is more. It would have been easier to jump jobs if I was not expecting. Our world has already began evolving around the baby. For the first time , I am begining to feel as if I cannot just do something whenever I want, as if things are not in my control. For the first time after coming to Delhi, we have missed the Delhi Book Fair and beleive me, its a a sacred pilgrimage we made two times every year. But this time, it would have been too tedious a journey from Gurgaon. And walking for hours and the extremely crowded stalls!!!  No way I am risking someone jabbing me unkowingly.Our world is already changing.

Yesterday talked to two of my friends after a long time. Everyone has only one advice to give. Pray Pray Pray. But what if I no longer believe in organised prayer?. I didnot shock any of them. I said I will pray. And I do, whenever I remember i.e. One of them said , she didnot keep the Bible down once she reached the end. I appreciate that. I remember the strength reading the holy books gave you. But I no longer feel the same when I read them. I no longer feel as if they reflect God the way I feel about him. But Still, I say, Ok I will pray.

Talking about books, I have started reading Agatha Christies again. I am so glad. I could not read anything more complicated than Enid blytons for quite sometime. Have finished two of them - Cards on the Table, The Third Girl and presently am reading Peril at the End House. I liked "the Third Girl". The other one was ok.

I guess  I will stop now...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Khaaja Chowk - MG Road - Review

 Remember the friend GC I talk about in my blog- the friend from office, well he got engaged recently and that too to the girl of his dreams. A very happy ocassion indeed so he gave us  treat, I initially wanted treat in Fresco in Ambiance Mall but A sir suggested this place called the "Khaaja Chowk". I kept mispronouncing it as Khwaja Chowk. A explained maybe it was Khaa - Jaa (Eat and Go). No idea if it is so but interesting co relation no? We had already asked if they had corporate discount as it was a large party of 10 people (one was quarter and one was half).We got around 15% which is a good amount.
As among adults we were Two hard core vegetarians Two so and so and 5 hard core Non vegetarians we ordered quite a bit of stuff. Everything was exceptional. You can see the entire menu in

Indian Chaat Platter

We ordered the Great Kabab Platter, The Great Indian Chaat Platter and Paneer Tikka for Starters.  The star for me was The chaat platter. It had pani puri , dai chaat , paapdi chaat and some chat with palak as base - that was very very tasty. I really enjoyed all the starters. In fact i can go there once again simply for this platter.

The Kebab Platter

Tried the Galauti Kebab. I liked it but was not as impressed as hubby and others were . So guess my taste buds were not working that well that day.The others seemed to enjoy the chikcken kebabs as well as lot.

Paneer Tikka

I loved the Paneer Tikka. It was exquisitly soft and tangy. Portions were quite large and chunky unlike the very small peices you get in some places. Mouth watering once again!

This is something called (i think) Schezwan Chicken Noodles. This item is not mentioned in the menu in Zomato, I don't know why. I couldnot have it because it was noodles and the one thing my Doc said to avoid  right now was chinese. However , it was praised a lot. It was the fav dish of all who had tasted it. So maybe you should try giving it a try. I definitely intend to.

I think I will stop describing alll the dishes one by one and just present the photos. Garlic Naan was very much appreciated with the mutton dish. Mali kofta wa quite rich and tasty. AS sir had ordered Aloo Gobhi which was originally gobi mattar but sir wante the same preparation without the peas and with the potatoe which they kindly obliged. Yellow dal and Dal makhani were a part of the platters.

Here are some photos.... this

this... the mutton curry...looks tasty na.... it tasted tasty too.

and the Malai Kofta and the Yellow dal.

I know it has become an extremly long blog post and review but I must tell you about the ambience of the place. The colour that strikes you is Red and the theme is Chandini Chowk. If you see notice the table you will be able to see the sequence underneath the glass. I think each table has soem element of Chandini Chowk. I found it very very bueatiful. The bueaty of the place matters sometimes does it not?

And the important thing - Cost. Nine of us( Didnot count the 4 year old boy- he hardly ate)  had our fill and more for aound 3300/- which I think is a really good deal -atleast in gurgaon. Great place to give treat because of the variety , ambience and pocket. Hope to go there soon.

PS: GC saya I shouldnot write such reviews for free. So I told him to call them and make a deal and I would share half of it with him. He keeps telling me stuff like this. Now he is not saying anything :)

PS: There is a bar too there - I forgot about it as we don't have it na.


Post from the past.
Date : March 16 - 2006
Acknowledgement : Part was inspired by "Except my Love" by Mary Burchell.

His eyes met hers just for a fleeting moment. Something in her eyes made him look again. It was pain-pain of losing someone. He had seen that look in a lot of people with his mother being a doctor and he visiting her hospital quite often. One should not emotionally connect with the patients, his mother would say, yet she would too at times. He could see her pain and he decided-NO This was not the profession for him. Engineering was better.

Ajay----Doing his B-tech in civil. Final year. Already placed in a good company. Not being an extremely serious kind of person, everything was great. Nothing pained him. Nothing caught his attention for long. But those eyes. Those eyes. He found himself thinking about her.

The next day when he went to pick up his mother, he searched for her. She was not there. That night he asked his mother. “Amma.who was that girl. Do you know her?”. Yes Saritha aunty used to treat her father. He died yesterday night. There was nothing anyone could do-she said. Oh so that was it. Well it happens-he thought. it is natural. It should not be bothering him, then why did it??????

Next day he went to talk to Saritha aunty and in course of time asked her about the girl’s father. He wanted to know more about the girl, but how was he to ask about some girl. Wouldn’t that be strange? He found out her house was somewhere near pattoor. Some 25 kms away form his home. He would find her.
Why are you so interested? His friends asked. What!!!!! Love at first sight????? They asked. No, he did not believe in love. It was something else. He could not explain. He just wanted to talk to her once and try to figure out what was it that made him think about her this much.

His friends suggested ways to find her house. But no, he did not want more people to know. he did not want her name to be used unnecessarily. “Why are you so serious about her”. No answer. He really did not know
He did not talk about it for some days. Sooraj—his friend dismissed it as a passing fancy. One morning Ajay called Sooraj. He wanted Sooraj to go with him to Pattoor. “Why?”-Asked Sooraj. “Today is 23rd March. Her father died on 7th. Today there will the function. I will find her.
The question rose and stopped in his lips. He knew Ajay had no answer to his question. He decided to go along.

They loitered in Ajay's bike for half an hour when they saw groups of people entering and leaving a particular house. Assured that this was the house they went to it. Ajay wanted absolute conformation. Posing as the son of a friend of the girl's father, Sooraj started talking to one of the girls relatives.
He found out that the father had died of a prolonged illness. Everyone thought he was cured and he would live for many more years and would see his only daughter –Gayathri, happily married. However, a viral fever decreased his immunity and he died unexpectedly after giving the hope. The family was shattered. He learnt Gayathri was doing her 1st year in BSc in Women’s college. After talking for sometime they decided to move away when Gayathri herself came out. Ajay's and her eyes met once again. However, her eyes were blank. There were no feelings. Nothing at all. They were just plain blank. They introduced themselves and left the place. She did not give Ajay a second glance.

Neither did he.
He didnot talk about her again ...for years

6 years later in a hospital

“ It is a girl .she was born at 7:32 pm” the doctor informed the new father while giving him his first-born. He drank in her tiny features.
Her thin wet hair sticking to her round head
Her lips – so small.
Her cheeks –so red and rosy.
A nose that was not even there.
Her eyes-just two slits
Then they opened and looked straight at him. She had her mother s eyes. His Gayathri’s eyes.