Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Talking

Will inspiration hit if I keep staring at this page? I guess not , so I may as well write. How quickly a week passes before you realise ...ooooops its more than a week since you wrote your last blog post. It's not that I have not tried writing you know.I come , I draft and then I leave it deeming it as not good enough.

Life has been good. I guess I appreciate good health even more now. Like I began to appreciate food more after going to hostel or taking breakfast seriously after having an attack of stomach ulcer. Until you lose something once I guess you don't really realize it's importance.

2013 promises to be a year of changes. They may not be bad changes but difficult? yes, Challenging? yes. And I am not talking about the baby. There were rumors of the company going through a tough time and apparent downsizing. When both husband and wife work in the same company it has many advantages and many disadvantages, one of them being, the chances of both of us losing jobs at the same time is more. It would have been easier to jump jobs if I was not expecting. Our world has already began evolving around the baby. For the first time , I am begining to feel as if I cannot just do something whenever I want, as if things are not in my control. For the first time after coming to Delhi, we have missed the Delhi Book Fair and beleive me, its a a sacred pilgrimage we made two times every year. But this time, it would have been too tedious a journey from Gurgaon. And walking for hours and the extremely crowded stalls!!!  No way I am risking someone jabbing me unkowingly.Our world is already changing.

Yesterday talked to two of my friends after a long time. Everyone has only one advice to give. Pray Pray Pray. But what if I no longer believe in organised prayer?. I didnot shock any of them. I said I will pray. And I do, whenever I remember i.e. One of them said , she didnot keep the Bible down once she reached the end. I appreciate that. I remember the strength reading the holy books gave you. But I no longer feel the same when I read them. I no longer feel as if they reflect God the way I feel about him. But Still, I say, Ok I will pray.

Talking about books, I have started reading Agatha Christies again. I am so glad. I could not read anything more complicated than Enid blytons for quite sometime. Have finished two of them - Cards on the Table, The Third Girl and presently am reading Peril at the End House. I liked "the Third Girl". The other one was ok.

I guess  I will stop now...


  1. Nothing lightens you up like a from-your-heart-talk...
    I have nominated you for the popular Liebster Award Rahmath !!

    1. :). Thank you soooooo much for nominating me. I can't stop smiling.

  2. My first time here :) I could relate to quite a lot of things that you seem to have written :) I do not believe in the organized way of praying either - just a few days back, I had stated that Omnism is the closest I can come to if I had to define my religious beliefs....

    I recently re-read some Agatha Christie books just to transport myself back to the time when I was in school :) It was a good experience :D :D

    I hope to read more from you soon! Congrats on the Liebster Award! That's what brought me to your blog :)

    1. Welcome Divya :) I have never heard of Omnism. I will search for it now. Congrats to you too. Had come to your blog but was in office so couldn't comment :)


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