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Post from the past.
Date : March 16 - 2006
Acknowledgement : Part was inspired by "Except my Love" by Mary Burchell.

His eyes met hers just for a fleeting moment. Something in her eyes made him look again. It was pain-pain of losing someone. He had seen that look in a lot of people with his mother being a doctor and he visiting her hospital quite often. One should not emotionally connect with the patients, his mother would say, yet she would too at times. He could see her pain and he decided-NO This was not the profession for him. Engineering was better.

Ajay----Doing his B-tech in civil. Final year. Already placed in a good company. Not being an extremely serious kind of person, everything was great. Nothing pained him. Nothing caught his attention for long. But those eyes. Those eyes. He found himself thinking about her.

The next day when he went to pick up his mother, he searched for her. She was not there. That night he asked his mother. “Amma.who was that girl. Do you know her?”. Yes Saritha aunty used to treat her father. He died yesterday night. There was nothing anyone could do-she said. Oh so that was it. Well it happens-he thought. it is natural. It should not be bothering him, then why did it??????

Next day he went to talk to Saritha aunty and in course of time asked her about the girl’s father. He wanted to know more about the girl, but how was he to ask about some girl. Wouldn’t that be strange? He found out her house was somewhere near pattoor. Some 25 kms away form his home. He would find her.
Why are you so interested? His friends asked. What!!!!! Love at first sight????? They asked. No, he did not believe in love. It was something else. He could not explain. He just wanted to talk to her once and try to figure out what was it that made him think about her this much.

His friends suggested ways to find her house. But no, he did not want more people to know. he did not want her name to be used unnecessarily. “Why are you so serious about her”. No answer. He really did not know
He did not talk about it for some days. Sooraj—his friend dismissed it as a passing fancy. One morning Ajay called Sooraj. He wanted Sooraj to go with him to Pattoor. “Why?”-Asked Sooraj. “Today is 23rd March. Her father died on 7th. Today there will the function. I will find her.
The question rose and stopped in his lips. He knew Ajay had no answer to his question. He decided to go along.

They loitered in Ajay's bike for half an hour when they saw groups of people entering and leaving a particular house. Assured that this was the house they went to it. Ajay wanted absolute conformation. Posing as the son of a friend of the girl's father, Sooraj started talking to one of the girls relatives.
He found out that the father had died of a prolonged illness. Everyone thought he was cured and he would live for many more years and would see his only daughter –Gayathri, happily married. However, a viral fever decreased his immunity and he died unexpectedly after giving the hope. The family was shattered. He learnt Gayathri was doing her 1st year in BSc in Women’s college. After talking for sometime they decided to move away when Gayathri herself came out. Ajay's and her eyes met once again. However, her eyes were blank. There were no feelings. Nothing at all. They were just plain blank. They introduced themselves and left the place. She did not give Ajay a second glance.

Neither did he.
He didnot talk about her again ...for years

6 years later in a hospital

“ It is a girl .she was born at 7:32 pm” the doctor informed the new father while giving him his first-born. He drank in her tiny features.
Her thin wet hair sticking to her round head
Her lips – so small.
Her cheeks –so red and rosy.
A nose that was not even there.
Her eyes-just two slits
Then they opened and looked straight at him. She had her mother s eyes. His Gayathri’s eyes.

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  1. Wow! I like the stories with multiple emotions. Yours is a sweet & innocent love story with many emotions in it. (Y)


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