Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dear blog,                                                                     

Sorry for not writing for so long. I do feel guilty about not completing any posts. I think one of the reason I am not able to write any random thing is that I registered in blogadda recently. So I keep feeling that I must somehow make an extra effort to write better posts. For now I reject that feeling, because I have understood that it is far more important for me to be in contact with you. You make me feel good. You make me feel better.

Have entered the third trimester and till now it's been OK. baby is active some days and gives me great fun. But other days when the baby is not active I get tensed and worried. Sometimes I wish I was not working so that I could concentrate more on taking care of myself, ergo taking care of the baby. If I feel like this now how will I feel after the baby comes???? I do want to keep working. Somehow I guess we all will just have to manage.

Mom might not come for the delivery after all. Her health is not that good. She was so tensed about taking care of me , I told her it's OK if she does not come , in fact I forbid her to come. I told her we will manage. "That's the lifestyle nowadays, isn't it?. Are not hundreds of people doing it??? blah blah and blah" , I said to her. But nowadays I do feel that it would be nice if somebody I knew was there for me, just to keep me company at least. Especially if hubby's job changes and his office is somewhere far, what will I do then? Ah ,somehow we will manage. At least everyone has stopped pressuring me even more. Now everyone i meet says, ''it's OK rahmath. You can do it.'' Acceptance is such a beautiful thing no? Its so difficult to keep explaining to well wishers that, that itself takes a toll on you.

Stopping for now. Hopefully I will write to you tomorrow also. Though I am not promising anything. Not able to keep promises so I would rather not commit at all.

Lots of Love

PS: Saw the female purple sunbird today. Purple sunbird is making its way in the web pages I visit too. Summer is officially here????

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  1. Acceptance is indeed the best gift to oneself.
    Purple sunbird, that's a nice way to know that winter is on her way out.


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