Saturday, August 24, 2013

How's motherhood?

A question which everyone asks me nowadays - being a new mom.

When they laid him besides me in the crook of my arm close to my chest fully covered with just his face and a tiny hand visible, I felt peace. I felt content. I was overjoyed when his fingers resembles mine , when I saw his shapely nails.He was beautiful. I was content. That's the feeling I have. A contented, a satisfied, a peaceful feeling....something which was as soft as a baby pink rose.

There were too many things in my mind the first few weeks so I was not really able to enjoy my motherhood as much as I would have liked but every time he would be close to my heart feeding and every time he had his fill  I felt a joy. He had his share of crying.... oh a lot..... but  sometimes it gave me a guilty pleasure when he would be calm once he came to my hands. The power of being a mother , the power of that connection .....I cannot describe. A filling feeling? I don't know.Though now he shares that connection with his daddy too.

I wont say that he has given me a new found purpose or that he has changed my life drastically . He has not. To tell the truth I feel as if he was always there. A lot has changed still it feels as if nothing has. Everything feels the same. As if he was always there.


  1. Some things cannot be described...Live every moment and soak in the beauty of life Rahmath :)

  2. Till now people were pestering you with "How's married life".. Ini kurachu change ayikkottee.. How's motherhood?? Oh.. You already answered that ;-)

  3. yup:) but as time goes I am getting new perspectives!!!!

  4. Both, He is a smart kid already. Did not pick sides :)


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