Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Reasons why the weekend was awesome.

1. Saw a Movie.
                              It's a long time since I and hubby enjoyed a movie together uninterrupted. I and hubby enjoy watching movies together and we were missing it very much. So this weekend, I put off my unnecessary maternal guilt feelings, and watched Despicable me2 in the other room with my hubby. Our mind was partly occupied (Ready to jump and run the moment we heard our son) but we saw and enjoyed something together. And it felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.  Despicable Me 2 is far better than DM1. Some of the scenes seemed to be copied from other movies. I am not sure if it was supposed to be so. Still, we laughed a lot.

2. Had a Spontaneous Outing.
                             There was this lunch / get together in the colony park and I and hubby had given  money for the lunch. We both are introverts but we wanted to change that a bit. So Sunday afternoon we dressed up, got vavoo ready, and took great pics (which unfortunately I cannot upload because of no photo policy). But when we got to the park I saw that a) it was not getting started and b) No one I knew was there. I ran to my neighbors but found that they were not going. Hubby was getting hungry and our interest had now waned completely. Suddenly we decided we would go for a ride and have lunch and come back. We rarely go out this spontaneously because of vavoo but were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was not thaaaaaaaaaaaat much of a problem after all. In fact, wipes, diapers, an extra change of clothes, two hand towels, 2 toys, a pram and we were off.  Vavoo was a model baby and hardly made a sound except in the very end. He was curious and was looking at everyone. And when he was bored we just gave him his teether which he munched off happily.
We went to the Pizza place we always went to before I got pregnant, had the same Egyptian Pizza and Cairo Salad. I had decided that if my stomach made problems, I would deal with it then and not worry about it now. So I enjoyed them. We also tried the Lasagne. It was OK. Then we browsed shops for earrings but found them way too costly. By that time vavoo was hungry so we came back.

3. Found a Nursery.
                               Plant nursery :). I have always wanted a garden and one of the main attractions of a ground floor house was the attached garden it had. However when our house owner - an avid plant lover dealt with the garden in the way she saw fit without even informing me I understood that the garden was not actually mine after all. She had also told me not to keep such and such plants. I lost interest in my garden after that. However I have always wanted to have at least a few pots of my own.
On our way back from the outing, I saw one nursery, got down, and got some plants and some mud and a sack of bio fertilizer. AND I am happy.

One problem though.

Absolutely no idea as to how to start the gardening - how and when to apply the bio fertilizer and all.
Read a lot of web pages but they don't seem to be much of a help. So I am going to do what I think is right. Hopefully the plants will thrive. Will keep you posted. Suggestions/Tips are welcome.

My plants :)

4. Discovered Cargos.
                                     Hubby always told me to try wearing cargos. He said it was comfortable. We searched for ladies cargos but never got it. Anyhow I was not a very big fan as I felt they were excessively bulky and of no use with kurtas (my normal wear) and that they were non-office dress. However this time in an emergency situation (Vavoo was crying and I needed to get him to the park ASAP)
I pulled up the only pants available in hand reach which was hubby's cargos and was off. It felt so good and comfortable. Seeing how much I liked them hubby gave them to me for my use. It's so much better than the track suits I wear at house. Loved it.

5. Got an awesome Compliment.
                Made a good and satisfying dinner on Friday. Rice, Sāmbhar and cherupayar thoran (Green Gram). For some days now I had switched to the easy ways due to time constraint. So, I decided to make the Sāmbhar the long way instead of the pressure cooker easy way in which you put all the tadka and ingredients in one go and make it within 15 min. Hubby loves my cherupayar thoran and so I wanted to make it for him since it was ages since I made it. So, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that I had overcooked the green grams. However, it came awesome and my hubby said." However you make the cherupayar thoran it comes awesome. Just like Beama Ammooma. Looks like you have her blessings". Beama Ammooma is his Fav. Grandma and an extremely great cook. So this compliment from my hubby sounded very very sweet.


  1. More often than not it is the simple things that give great pleasure...A movie and an outing, nice to know the lil one is considerate and well-behaved :)
    I too am a novice when it comes to gardening, like you said its best to go with your gut feeling, for my plants, I had added about 1/5 of fertilizer to soil ratio while planting them the first time...Since then I have only changed the soil once after around 10 months, I routinely just turn around the soil to ensure water percolates all the way down, put back the dried leaves in the same pot, water regularly...I observed that most of my plants grew better when they had moderate sunlight and mild weather, so february to june i.e spring here they grew healthier than when I originally planted them in october. Good luck with your garden Rahmath :)

    1. Thanks Reshma, Will keep these points in mind and will definitely update.:)


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