Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Bye dear house, Now it's time to Move....

This post was meant for Sept 2nd. It more than a month but couldnot post it then. Ah better late than never. No?

Did I not say that 2013 was going to be a year of changes. Well so it is. My son was born. We are also shifting our house now. Now, we live in a first floor house but our parents said that it would be convenient to have a ground floor house so when we got one in the same lane we jumped to the opportunity. We have already got the keys of the house and have started our official shifting. Hopefully we will shift completely by 8th of this month.

We shifted our books yesterday. We had no idea that we had this many books. Proud? Yes. One good thing about that house is that they have this showcase kind of thing in the hall. We have converted it to our book shelf. It's perfect for the archies, enidblytons, agatha christies and other books of the same size. However the tinitns and Buddha series and harry potter and other big books had to be put in other shelves. Still we are extremely happy.

The first time we stuck the To - let board in front of our present house we felt bad. It was our first house. We built our happiness here. Though our marriage was on July 1st I always felt that we were truly married only on July 15th, the day we started our life here in this house Somehow in my head my wedding day is July 15th. Slowly slowly we made it a home from  a house. The other day we gave a party for our friends so that they may meet our son and one of them, a bachelor remarked.... 'ah now this house feels like a home'. And it felt good.

I don't know why some people say that once you get married your life is over, once you grow up there is no fun. The way I see it I learn new new things with every passing year. And my horizons just grow. For eg, I had no idea how to remove the air lock in a pump - something we have to do in a daily basis. There are so many things to do around the house, things you have never done before- things which ....well your dad and mom used to do.

So many memories....

---the very first afternoon when I and A cleaned the house while hubby and GC went and bought the cooler and the inverter (I got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor and I think A was impressed because somewhere I think he thought city girls don't know how to work.... Psssh.)

----the very first day we forgot to off the motor of the pump and it ran the whole night and our neighbor was calling us the whole night and we did not even hear because our new cooler was making such a huge sound.

Then we realized that water was not going up because of air lock( now what was that???!!!!) and the S aunty taught us what to do and we bought our first tool set.

----The first time we went furniture shopping and made some huge blunders that I would not make again.
Well we did make some good choices too.

-----Enjoying the first winter, fog , hailstones...

-----Sky watching in the night, lunar eclipse.....

-----Starting this blog, meeting wonderful people, 101 things to do in 1001 days and Joy of giving cards

-----Truly beginning to know my husband and vise-verse- I am sure.

-----Watched movies every single day....

-----Watching "Masterchef Austrialia" and then vowing to sleep as it was 10, then somehow ending up watching "Bones" and then watching "How I met your mother" and finally drifting off to sleep in front of the TV.

------Then there was this baby coconut tree???!!!! Something that hubby showed me which comes in a coconut if you keep it for a loooooooooooooong time. I had never tasted it before and it tasted awesome and apparently it is extremely nutritious. Frankly it felt nice to see some thing I had never seen before.

In case you are wondering what is "???!!!!". I use it when I don't know how to explain something and am just using something to describe it.

------ Trying to use an induction plate stove and making a mess of it. My omelets became scrambled eggs.  I really cannot get the hang of it. Give me a proper gas stove anytime please.

------ The Rat infestation and our fight against it. We did a lot of planning at that time.

------First experiments with biryani, fried rice, and many other dishes which my valiant husband gobbled without saying a word, except once when he got a bit angry when the salt became double and then I became angry that he became angry!!!!! Then we both kissed and made up like good children.

I guess the memories are too many  and I cant list even half of them here. I am glad I have this blog. I have preserved many of my memories in the form of posts. This was a happy house. I hope this is a happy house for anybody who comes here. Hopefully our next house will be a happy one too. Ya Allah.  Thanks for all the happiness you have given us in this house.Bless the future occupants of this house too as you have blessed us. Looking forward to having good times in the next house as well.

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