Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Intangible Picture

Have you had a " Ah I wish I had a camera right now" moment?. I had one recently. We had gone to Ambience Mall a couple of weeks ago . We spent around 2 hours there and Vavoo had begun to chinigiffy (make ahu, hu, hu hm, ahu sounds) because he was getting hungry. We asked the security guard for the baby care room and he said it was near gate no 4. A bit of misunderstanding and not knowing which gate was where, resulted in me, hubby and Vavoo running here and there. I got tired in between so hubby took Vavoo in his arms and walked ahead of me in a faster pace.

Ambience Mall was well lit all golden and orangish with pretty lanterns hanging from above, it was not crowded that time, hubby was all in black and was walking fastly and I could only see Vavoo's face with surprisingly well combed hair peeking over his Achchan's shoulder. He was beaming with enjoyment  because he was bobbing up and down with every step his Achchan took. He smiled with delight , his eyes were twinkling like no star ever could and I felt that I saw him in his happiest moment. It was beautiful and I wished and wished that  I had some technology in which I could just capture it with my eyes or something and then download it and print it and savour that moment for ever and ever and ever.

I wish I could...



  1. Awww!! The eye is indeed the best camera off them all...

  2. Cool. I am glad you did not have a camera. Otherwise, instead of enjoying your son, you will be concentrating on camera, focus, click, and check to see if it clicked OK. Now, you have enjoyed that moment uninterrupted. It will be in your memory for ever.


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