Friday, November 8, 2013

On First 25 from 101 things to do in 1001 days

When I started this project, I sincerely wanted to do each and every one of them. In my naivety I had written down some extremely unrealistic goals. Within the first 6 months I found out I was not going to finish many of them. But I can't say I am disappointed. This list has helped me try many things I wanted to do and also has given me closure on many things which I no longer want to do.

My challenge finishes in March 2014 and I just wanted to go through the list to see what all are viable and what I should just cross off my list. 101 is 75 too many hence just going through the first 25 for now.

1. Finish this list. (Completed on 8/07/2011)

Did complete. It was not easy. This itself was a task. I intend to start another project once March is over, but with a smaller list and a smaller time frame. However this list did help me list down the many things I wanted to do.

2. Donate Blood.

Looks like B+ve is abundantly available. No one needs it. I could have gone to the Blood bank and will do it too someday. What I underestimated was the one particular goal which took a toll on me for 9months and still ongoing that I really did not have the time or energy to concentrate on other goals ;). Definitely no regrets :)

3. Get an Organ Donation Card.

That I did and made sure my hubby knows that I am serious about it. Rather simple to do so. I must say. Now I feel a sense of responsibility towards my body. I mean, it can be of use to someone else too you know.

4. Read 10 Autobiographies/Biographies (0/10).
            Started with "Mein Kempf". I actually liked it - the first volume at least. But never read any other.

 5. Identify 10 local birds in Gurgaon Locality (10/10).

Loved this goal. I am so happy I did it. I understood that I DO like bird watching. Found a  hobby :)

6. See a shooting star.

Hoping to see one this winter. Though will have to gaze the sky for some time. Hopefully I will see one and I will make a wish and hopefully it will come true

7. Go for all the Heritage Walks organized by INTACH Delhi chapter. (Except Mehrauli walk)

            I am so glad I did this. There is one more to attend and I have plans to attend it this month end. We actually saw Delhi. Proper Delhi. Waking up early morning, going in the metro, going on a walk through the historic ruins..... It was fun. I wish there were many more such walks.

8. Go for a Moon walk organized by Let's Walk Gurgaon.

            Hubby was not very comfortable going out at midnight. It's Gurgaon after all. By the time we got a car I was not in a condition to do long walks.

9. Review a book every month. (1/33)

Ambitious. Did not do it.

10. Make Dosa Batter. (26.07.2011)

Make it all the time now. Amma bought me a tiny grinder. No store bought batter any more. Yay!!!!

11. Make Appam Batter.

            I always have a starting trouble and I put such things in list to overcome that. I will definitely make Appam batter and preferably this month itself. Wait ok.

12. Try 50 recipes I have not tried before.

            Although I have recorded only 26 in my foodings page, I am sure I have made at least 35-40 recipes. Does recording only count?

13. Get a pedicure again.

            Have to do it. This month surely!!!!

14. To have an addition to the family.

:) This is the Goal I was talking about  in Goal 2. Really how extremely silly of me to actually make a goal. I'm so thankful to that Supreme Being who has made this possible. Vavoo... you are a super duper addition.

15. Move to South India.

OK, not going to happen... unless someone somewhere intervenes.

16. Design a Building (min 3 storey).
            Again...Nope! No opportunity. Anyone want to give me an opportunity???? Will do it for free!!! IS codes only please

 17. Make a playlist of 101 fav. songs.

            When I began making a playlist I realized, I don't have that many fav. songs. Maybe 10. I did make a list of some sort. I have to dig it up.

18. Spend a day and night in a house boat.

            Soooooooooo much wanted to, but our holls are spent in native place and well it’s always less to incorporate this too. Still ...someday.

19. Fast for a day in Ramzan.

            Did not.... No longer possible. Next Ramzan is after March.

20. Have a "fruits only for food" day.

Did not. Won't anymore. Am perpetually hungry.

21. Write one more Poem. (Done)

Do you know I have written only one poem after 2006? I have no idea why it is so. Will I ever be able to write another one again!

 22. Read the Quran once (The Arabic one).
               Again did not.

23. Learn one of the language - Sanskrit/Arabic/Telugu.

Nope. Not possible.

24. Go for at least 6 classes of yoga.

We did go for Yoga Classes. But stopped after taking 5 classes. The amount of exercise was too much for me. My whole body was aching. And we were being bended and molded into different stances that frankly I was afraid it might affect our chances of having a baby. We wanted to have vavoo at that time.

25. Learn to play the Guitar.

Wanted to. Joined one place. Did not like the way it was being taught. He was just teaching songs. So left. After that I found I could not schedule my time properly. I will learn to play someday. But a good teacher is so absolutely necessary.

Viable Goals

6. See a shooting star

7. Go for all the Heritage Walks organized by INTACH Delhi chapter. (Except Mehrauli walk)

11. Make Appam Batter.

12. Try 50 recipes I have not tried before.

13. Get a pedicure again.


  1. I think you did pretty well accomplishing so many things on your ambitious list. You should be really proud of yourself. ♥

    1. Thanks Kathy :). Hoping to get on with my list. I do feel pretty good.

  2. I would like to know that 'select' list of fav songs. Of course you grow out of fav songs once you hear it a few times. It may be fav for a while then others would replace it. But yeah there will be only a few that are evergreen. Mine would be less than 20 I guess. Its like two lists. Current favorites and All time favorites. Very few graduate from the first to the second list.

  3. I will put the list then. but have to search for it. What you say is true...there are two lists. I never thought of it that way.
    "Hello" and "How am I supposed to live without you" are my all time fav.
    "Yeh raat bheegi bheegi","Pyaar hua Ikraar hua hai".....
    Will definitely share the list.
    I would love to know your selected songs.

  4. Mostly tamil mine are - Mannil Indha Kadhal Indri, Thenmadurai Vaigai Nadhi, Kalyana Malai,Thenpandi cheemayile - Ilayaraja. Vellai Pookal Ulagil , Mettu Podu, Puthiya Manitha,Kadhalikkum Pennin kaigal,En Kadhalae - ARR, Chotta Chotta nanaya Vaithai, Kangal Irandal from other music directors. Hindi not so much Maa tujhe Salam maybe. Malayalam also very few. May be Unarumeeganam,Sreeragamo from pavithram, Kannerpoovinte (Kireedom). My fav Playback singers are SPB and ARR.


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