Friday, December 27, 2013

Three happy things 27.12.2013

1. Hubby heated  the leftover chicken pieces for lunch today and something happened and it dried out completely. He couldn't eat it but I couldn't resist it. Reminded me of the chewy mutton cubes specially made after ramzan. Loved chewing chewing and chewing them. I wonder if I can make them by design also.

2. I was worried about a report submission today as the safety margin was not as much as I wanted it to be. Found out a mistake and thought- gone case, my design is going to fail and sir is going to fry me. But guess what -  it actually helped to increase the safety margin. WAS SOOOOO happy.

3. Hubby was disappointed with a buy recently as it did not have the feature it had promised and there was nothing he could do about it. He was so so disappointed but I found it today in ebay. I have ordered it for him. Hopefully I won't be deceived. Keeping fingers crossed. My serotonin levels increase everytime I imagine him opening the present. It' s a secret btw- so no talking about it until 4th of Jan ok. This blog is OK, he never reads!!!

I miss...

- Taking afternoon walks, searching for birds in the sidewalk trees, soaking up the sun in these cold winter days.
- having a park nearby to take a walk when I am overwhelmed or sad, to clear my mind and come back home refreshed.
- having the quiet time to think and arrange my thoughts.
- blogging.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I am thankful...

... for having our new house. This has more facilities than we thought I had and they make our life very easy. It's as if we have been compensated completely and more.

...that Vavoo's cough seems to have improved. I was so afraid that he would have to go for nebulization. Hopefully it will not come back.

...that vavoo is a baby who eats well. I have heard of stories of children not eating at all. Atleast till now that phase has not begun fully.

...For having my husband in my life. I am proud of the fact that despite such not so good behavior he has faced the last two days from our ex house owners he has still not lost his decency. I admire him and there is a lot I have to learn from him.

...for getting a maid who makes my life easier. She may frustrate me in future but right now she is there.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Today I ... suffering from Sleep deprivation.
...want to do a bit of setting up a new house but guest may come
...hope Vavoo is feeling better. not sure if we should go to the doc or not.
...need to make a proper list of what I should do and not do for Vavoo.
...need to buy some supplies for cleaning the house tomorrow.
...need to plan for dinner, breakfast and lunch and vavoo's food.
...should be replying to the comments I got.
...should be reading Yasin for the house.
...should be doing that "kannu kedathirikkan" thing for Vavoo. He is getting sick too often. (Or it might just be winter :P)

But today ...
All I want to do is Sleep.