Monday, December 9, 2013

Today I ... suffering from Sleep deprivation.
...want to do a bit of setting up a new house but guest may come
...hope Vavoo is feeling better. not sure if we should go to the doc or not.
...need to make a proper list of what I should do and not do for Vavoo.
...need to buy some supplies for cleaning the house tomorrow.
...need to plan for dinner, breakfast and lunch and vavoo's food.
...should be replying to the comments I got.
...should be reading Yasin for the house.
...should be doing that "kannu kedathirikkan" thing for Vavoo. He is getting sick too often. (Or it might just be winter :P)

But today ...
All I want to do is Sleep.


  1. Sometimes even a much needed nap of few minutes can make us feel refreshed as if we slept for a few hours... Hope Vavoo and you get out of the winter blues soon :)

  2. Oh I hope so too. Yesterday did get to sleep in the night but it just does not feel like it's enough.!!!!


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