Friday, January 3, 2014

Letters to my diary 03.01.2014

Yesterday I wrote another post on a paper. but when I saw how much cumbersome uploading and opening an image was I decided I am not posting it in the blog. however it felt good to write and I guess I will continue to do that.

My 101 goals remain incomplete. There is hardly 60 days more for me to complete them. Every time I think I must dedicate some time for them, something or the other happens and there goes my goals outside the window.

Vavoo has started into the phase of separation anxiety. If I am anywhere near the room he starts chinigiffying. He starts to cry if I leave the room. Hubby is having fever so even he cannot entertain him that much. I hope this phase passes soon.

Last weekend we put up ply board walls for the bed. They can be slided and removed whenever required. They come upto vavoo's chest. He enjoys pulling himself up in standing position and swinging and looking out. Oh yes he has discovered gravity. Anything which he can catch with his hands ends up on the floor. He is happy and we are happy. Otherwise everytime he is on the bed his freedom is restricted. If he goes even near to the edge we put him in the middle again. This gives more freedom to him and more peace and energy conserving solution for us.

Doc advised us to buy a bassinet kind of thing. I found it extremely restrictive. He finds a 6' X6' bed just enough. 2' x 1.5' is surely not enough at all. This seemed to be a better and economical solution. However when he grows the height has to be increased. We need to cover up the ply boards with pretty papers. Not finding good ones though. Will have to do something once hubby becomes alright.

It is so difficult is it not when one of the spouses fall ill? Its like one of the wheels getting punctured and the whole load falls on the other. It did not feel like that when we were not parents. Now responsibilities are more. Fears are more. More than us we are worried if something will happen to vavoo. We are keeping him away from hubby for now though he does help out too. It takes hubby's full will power to not hug/cuddle him. Poor hubby.

Today is Friday?. I am glad it's Friday. Hope we have a productive weekend with phases of laziness.

Have a great weekend! :)

Till next time




  1. I hope your husband feels better soon, Rahmath. That must be hard. Happy new year!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Marcy. Happy New year to you too :)

  2. Very true, with a child in the family, even a day with one of the parents off can put a lot of strain on the other...Hope Hari gets well soon..


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