Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Letters to my diary 07.01.2013

I wish you were there. I would have written in you today. I.e. if I had time. I don't seem to have any time now diary. I can make time but then I will have to get up an hour earlier than hubby and vavoo and you know what no way.

Today I have this feeling of many things happening. Morning we got up pretty late. I was tired, I wished there was no office today. Weekend seems so far. Just made Dalia for vavoo and did nothing else. Reached office a bit late. I am so thankful for the dhabhawala opposite our office. I had a hot onion potato paratha and one omelet. That guy over there is really coming to my rescue nowadays.

Afternoon while coming back from lunch I thought I will ask the tailor (the one who sits near our ex colony) to remove the rubber bands off Vavoo’s pants and make it into pajama strings. I also asked him to stitch some satin ribbons in Vavoo’s new booties.

"Mochi ko dena" he said pretty curtly (“Give to the shoemaker")
"Mochi????" this is just cloth I said to him but his reply again came, curtly "Mochi ko dena".
Suddenly I realized I had insulted him. So I said. "It's ok I will do it myself". I guess it was something beneath him to do that. Maybe I should not judge him just because of one instance but don't know, I felt as if I saw a glimpse of something else there.

I walked towards the daycare where hubby had gone to leave vavoo and while I was waiting for him my eyes fell on to our previous house and I saw a yellow car. So they have sublet it after all. Somehow I felt bit bad- no not because of them getting a tenant, good for them but they had screwed us and nobody would know. They had done a lot of whitewashing (literally) in our time, with our money and on top of that they were saying we were the one who were problematic. I don't know I felt somewhat but then we are happy here in our new house. Guess everything happened so that we would leave the colony and come here. So maybe it’s ok.
But somewhere in my heart....

I wish I could talk to you face to face. There are something’s which can't be written in letters. I am waiting for you to come from somewhere. Have not got from office. I am afraid to ask my boss - he might think I am greedy. He already gave me a nice table calendar. My dad would have given me but it would take months. Last time I went to landmark I searched for you but you were not there. Hope I will be able to write in you soon.



  1. I hope you find your diary soon and pen your thoughts in it girl :)

    1. I hope so too Reshma...But i think the chances are pretty bleak now :( Maybe I should get a journal instead...But there is something about diaries.Irreplaceable in my opinion.


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