Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three happy things 06.01.2014

1. Finally had home made appam - Me made actually. Hubby never seemed to be a fan of appams but i loved them. One attempt with the ready made batter (into which you just add coconut milk and you are done ) failed miserably. So after 3 and a half years the day before yesterday i ultimately made it. Used the recipe form Shailu's food and it came awesome. Had it for breakfast and lunch yesterday. Was soooooooooooo happy.It also meant finishing one of my goals :)

2. Got assigned a project at work. I can make design sheets which is the most interesting part for me. And this time I have been asked to do the substructure design of a viaduct/ROB with the new code. It's a great opportunity and yes I am very happy now.

3. Got that surprise gift for hubby yesterday. Actually it was not a surprise anymore. Last monday we went to Landmark to see if we could get some gift paper. There he saw the book I had bought for him through ebay. He came happily asking whether we could buy it and I refused. I don't refuse anything and I felt bad and told him that I had already bought it for him and it will come on Jan 4th. Come to think of it he did not seem to be heartbroken. I just called him to double confirm - Did he know about this before I told him. He assured me he didnot, but he had a hunch that I might try to get it for him somehow seeing how much he wanted that book. I don't know what I am more happy about. Giving him that book or knowing how much he trusts me :)


  1. Oh so the surprise gift is finally out? Glad he liked the book.

    1. Yup. It is apparently one of his childhood fav. Turned out that the stories in it were one of my fav too :)


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