Thursday, January 23, 2014

What would you do if you have unresolved issues with someone?

When those unresolved issues will not be resolved because the other person will not even acknowledge that there is a mutual issue? What would you do when you cannot forgive a person for what they have done to you? What would you do when you think of all their positives and it still doesn't work? What if they are unwilling to take a step forward themselves and your best is not enough for them and they want even more, ?

You pray for them.

You pray that they attain peace of mind.

Everyone behaves in a certain way because of their experiences. Some may manifest into prejudice which may affect you for reasons you don't understand.

So you pray for them to attain peace and then you pray  for yourself to get more strength so that you don't behave in the exact same manner in future.

Some extraordinary people are immune to their experiences and are always positive.They learn from their experiences but don't carry it forward. They are at peace and  their actions don't affect other people negatively.

So you pray that you will become one of them.


  1. It is a difficult position to be in, yes, you could pray for both them and yourself, and get on with other things.


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