Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I married HIM- Reason # 98

I got a link in facebook.  Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?
Obivously I was intrigued and took the quiz and found out (to my surprise) that I was in  Ravenclaw. Now that I think of it. It should not be a surprise. I always thought Ravenclaw had the qualities I actually admired. These quizes always say nice things about you, don't you think?. Hopefully they are true. Anyhow this is what they said about me
"You’re clever and wise. Your friends often come to you to get advice because you always know what to say. Your creativity allows you to look at things in an out of the box way. And your wit makes you a pleasure to be around."
Hubby says every word is true but then he is partial.

When  I showed him the results, he quipped. 'Give me the link. I want to know which house I belonged to.' He answered the questions in front of me and the way he was answering reminded me of Harry Potter. As I guessed, he turned out to be in  Gryffindor. And this came for him.
You have a heart of a lion. You never give up, never back down and give everything 100%. Good things happen to you because you fight for them. You stand up for yourself and for your friends because you believe in what is right. Your energy is magnetic and makes you a natural leader.
Ofcourse every single word is true. But then, I am partial to him too.

While he was answering I was beside him and thinking how much more fun it was to share these quizes with him.

If it's fun to take personality quiz, it's even more fun to take it with your partner and laugh together at the results. That's  reason#98 for marrying him.

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