Monday, February 24, 2014

Got it. and here is #1

Well,  I got my smartphone. Sony Xperia TM something. It cost loads of money (according to me atleast) and I am going to make it worthwhile. So yes, I have already made lists in evernote, recorded my son's antics , downloaded and heard music, used the timer for every silly and not so silly things AND  as promised have taken photographs to post in the blog - photos which show a part of me. (As if a personal blog is not enough eh? ;) )


here goes the first one.

My office space:

This is where I spend app. 8 hours a day. looking into this screen, referring to the paper in the left sometimes, writing notes in the diary over there....and sometime reading the poem I have stuck on the board slowly drinking latte in the company given cup.

I never thought I would be here even after 4 years. I didnot think I would last in an alien place for 4 months. But this shows how less you know yourself. With a bit of encouragement one really can go further than one thought oneself to be capable of. My mentor helped me to adjust to this life alone in Gurgaon. Then my hubby joined me; In the same office. If I were to say that I absolutely detested the idea of being in the same company , well it would be 100% true. However now, after vavoo's arrival, I am glad that we are in the same company. It makes our lives a bit more easier.

The (career family) balance in life seems to come automatically. Maybe it won't last long but still, I am thankful for whatever time we have had. Happy people make happy workers, right?

This is a major part of my life. And a part I enjoy quite a lot.


  1. First the diary, now the smartphone, nice Rahmath, you are ticking items off your to-do list pretty well :)

  2. I am also looking to buy a sony. I m looking for an L. Which one did you get?

  3. Which one did you get. I am also looking for one. I may get an experia L or SP

    1. I got the Xperia ZR. Hubby says you might have many better options. But I am very happy with my phone

  4. I got tired of looking and got the HTC desire 700. So far good. I actually overlooked the advantages the smartphone offers till now. But now I feel in today's world it is needed.

    1. I know. i feel the same too. I have not completely understtod my phone yet but yes I think for todays world it is a great help to have one


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