Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letters to my diary 04.02.2014

Dear Diary,

I have lost all hope of having you in my life this year. And I am not going to look for you too. Already a month has gone by. Still, it's nice to write letters too.

You know i was never interested in smartphones. I simply could never understand how one could spend that much money over a phone. Another thing is , if you spend that kind of money you gotta be careful about it even more. And that's unnecessary tension in my opinion. Atleast for me. I am ok when hubby spends that kind of money- He takes care of his things- but you know me.

However the other day I talked to Yasho and she told me that her smartphone is really helpful for her to be in contact with her close friends and asked whether I have it. Apparently there is an application "What'sup" or something like that. I decided then that i would like to have one too. But sometimes I wonder how different is it from facebook? Well i guess i will have to use it to know. Hubby had ordered one for me but they cancelled the order because the stock finished. So i will have to wait some more. I do think I am ready for a smart phone, finally. If i do get one I promise to post one photo blog post per day for 31 days of 31 random things which define me.I need to write.I need to do things which i like to do. I need to get my life back in track. Will  I ever :)?

It's interesting how clothes are defining people more and more and more.  Recently we were invited by someone for a party in a restaurant in Sec 29. In the end we didn't go because i was feeling sick. The next day we gotta know that apparently one has to get dressed up to go to such parties. Apparently all the girls were wearing knee length dresses and had makeup on. Nothing against it by the way  but i thanked myself that i didn't go. I would have gone with my sweatshirt jacket and jeans.I know for every place one has to dress accordingly and nothing wrong in that but sometimes i wonder.

for a party
Girls - make up, knee length clothes maybe with a bit of shimmer/heels
Guys- shirts (half sleeves), may be T, jeans

For a formal family gathering
Girls -  Salwar kameez, sarees,
Guys - formal shirts (half sleeves), may be T, jeans

For an adventourous outing
Girls - T shirts, and capries
Guys - T shirts and shorts

For normal shopping
Girls - anything
Guys- anything

For a marraige
Girls - Kanceepuram/silk/Zari/Fashion sarees with accessaries
Guys - Formal Shirts and Trousers/ Sherwani

For interviews (at least those i have seen)
Girls- Executive shirts, trousers
Guys - Formal Shirts and Trousers

And they complain about the wardrobe of girls. If for every single occasion social norms deem that girls need a different dress to take part in it, then obviously the wardrobe IS going to be huge.


Who defines what kind of dresses I should or should not wear as long as they are respectable. I would like to go to parties but if someone puts conditions on it - then sorry, half my enthu goes.

Sometimes I am judged because I am the way I am. People presume. They think I don't wear certain clothes because I cannot wear/carry them. and sometimes I wonder , should I care about it? But diary you know what...If I want to prove them wrong, I will have to take  a lot of trouble for that. I sometimes wonder why girls go through so much trouble to shape their eyes and remove the hair from their hands and legs. Who determines whether it's good looking to do that? Who determines that my eyebrows don't look neat because I don't thread. Guys don't thread or wax. Does anybody have any problem with that????

I am too lazy diary.... I cannot do all those things regularly. I prefer being natural anyway. 


PS: Thanks for listening.


  1. Whatsapp is the easiest way to keep in touch with friends across different timezones...I generally ping my Mom on whatsapp to check how she's doing and when we can catch up for a longer heart-to-heart on the phone or Skype. I totally agree with you Rahmath, why should women torture their bodies just so that they look a certain way, who defined it as acceptable in the first place? For me dressing is first about comfort and utility with reasonable emphasis on the decorum and occasion.

    1. Ya I think i will join in whatsaap too.

      "dressing is first about comfort and utility with reasonable emphasis on the decorum and occasion." Excellently put.

      That's exactly what I wanted to say. You said it in a much better way :)

  2. Which phone did you order? I am also looking for one.. But cannot make up my mind to spend that much on it although I am well aware of the advantages. May be I am too much of a miser like my wife says :-)

    1. S4 mini - the other options were too big . hubby had Xperia ZR and HTC 500 in his list


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