Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend news/musings

- This house is proving costly (though I wouldn't change it for anything). In the previous house, when I was overwhelmed and needed a bit of fresh air or I needed to clear my head , I would got to the park nearby and take a few rounds, calm down and return in a better mental state.  Here the park is a bit far, the market is nearer. It would be weird to roam around the market without doing anything so I would invariably spend some money. Till now I have bought only necessities but who knows when I will graduate to something more!

-In one such excursion on Friday evening, I finally got my diary. Yup. The one I was no longer going to look for. This is some kind of recurring theme in my life. When I let go of something, I normally get it. But by that time, I no longer care!!!!. I sometimes have this feeling that God doesn't intend me to have any kind of overt attachment to anything in this world. Applicable even to people, you know!

-Saturday morning we went to Sarojini Market for shopping and bought a great many things. I AM soooooooo happy. We bought a butter dish, 6 bowls, a cutlery thing to hold the forks and spoons and other things, 2 bigger bowls, and two single flower vases. All around for 1000/-. I am pretty happy. Though, because we were having vavoo it was a bit difficult to shop so we didn't look at the pieces more carefully.

- Simmi - my help did not come on Sunday. I would not have shared her name here but it's a sweet name that I cannot resist. Isn't Simmi a nice name? She talks in such a mature way (she's 20). Her philosophies of life are so matter of fact and logical. She would put the so called educated women to shame. 

Her views on love marriage - She had eloped. She had eloped because she liked him and she knew him before and was afraid that her aunts and father (mother died when she was an infant) would marry her off to someone she did not like or know. On asked why she went against her relatives wishes, she says. "Am I going to live with aunts and my father my whole life??? Are they going to be with me????"

-I went to the shop one morning to buy cerelac for Vavoo and stayfree napkins for me. While the shopkeeper was packing he took a black bag to put the stay free in. I said, "No it's not required, put it in the cover itself as it is". He said "I will put it in the black cover and then put it in the transparent cover". I insisted he put it in as it is. His face changed but he did what I said. I guess there are ladies who insist on the black cover. I guess I used to be so too, because I never thought about it. Everyone did it so I did it. Now I know better.
Any boy /man know what's in this "special" cover. So why "hide" it??? Isn't it degrading? It's as if one is ashamed of having to use it and is parading that feeling all around. "Hey I am ashamed of using a napkin". If it's put inside the cover, just like that, it will be treated as if it's just another thing. No?  Or....... is it that they are hiding the brand of napkin they are using. Maybe the napkin companies are requesting shopkeepers to do so that their competitors will not know who is better?! Or maybe there is a special ray which gets activated once the thing is billed. Hence, in order to protect humans, it is put in black bags (because before that it is displayed in broad daylight).

- ok enough sarcasm for one post ;)

- If there is one change in me after having a baby I guess it is that I have more respect for my body. I had a C section. Though I did endure the pain, I did not have the experience of getting that superhuman strength which ladies get while delivering a child. My body refused to be forced into submission to the ultrasound date. I guess my body resented the labor inducing medicine. Carrying a child was fine for me. I had not got enough of it and it did not make me feel over the top or anything. But nourishing my baby did. When you know that your body has the capability to nourish a baby, fill his stomach - my my- the respect you have for your body automatically increases tenfold. Nature is so awesome. No one... NO ONE is going to make me feel ashamed of my body anymore.

- It has become a long post, has it not? I better stop then. Still, it feels like there so many more things to share :)

So, how was your weekend????


  1. Hehe Rahmath, I liked the way your new home is proving costly :) Its ok to indulge a bit and pamper yourself and your home in turn for that's what you'll shop for, and I know you are smart shopper, not an impulsive one you even got your diary. So does that mean fewer posts and more pages getting inked? Our weekend was snowy :) First real snow fall experience for me, was super fun :)
    I can never understand why a hygiene product grabs so many eyeballs..Its like they put Kala tika for Buri nazar and make it all the more obvious... Here in the US, I have seen men put it in their shopping basket and treat it like any other normal item on their list... Hopefully someday I will see the same thing in my country...

  2. I have not even written my name in the diary. hehe...still ya i guess the letters will stop.

    Wow!. It must have been magical huh???? how about a post on that????


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