Friday, March 28, 2014

Decluttering #2

Its raining outside. Gurgaon climate has become most unpredictable. Reminds me of Kerala. Reminds me of my childhood, so obivously I love it.

hmmmm. Maybe it's not that obivous. Why should one assume that just because something reminds one of one's childhood, it should be happy. What about people who have had lousy childhoods?

I had added "Blogher" link to my blogger. Big Mistake. While I love reading the posts from the site, I should have followed it in some other way. Around 5-10 posts get updated in blogher everyday and now I am finding it difficult to follow other blogs becasue my reading list is full of posts from this site.

I am not able to remove the link from my blogger list....I guess there is some problem with blogger.

I have signed up for A to Z challenge. Everyday posts on something specific, starting from A to Z for a whole month?; Let's see. It will be a challenge all right.

Why am I writing such random stuff?

Have found that when I get into the habit of doing that, I write better.

I do it from time to time.Do you?

By the way yesterday we went to V maam's house but didn't play anything. We started out with the cards game "Bluff" but ended up talking. It was nice.

Love Rahmath

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Today I have been browsing on fashion blogs. For some particular reason my brain has got stuck there.I guess the frenzy will most probably last for just a week or two. Found some good fashion blogs but didn't find them interesting enough to follow.

I just want Friday to come .... don't you?

Last week I decided that enough is enough. No more inertia. Summer is here , The climate is pleasant , time to make changes in this mundane life of ours. For two weeks I have been telling  hubby ' we should watch at least one movie per week". Btw, not even in theater mind you , just at home. Still somehow we have not watched any.
I don't believe in the concept not having time.  Everyone has the same 24 hours. If something is important one does make time for it somehow. It just needs prioritizing. I just need to prioritize a bit better.

I have a friend  from M.Tech. This girl was amazing. Diligent, University topper. Sometimes I have wondered if this girl was some kind of an android. I mean, she used to do everything she was supposed to do like clockwork. 30 minutes of exercise it in her schedule, Work at this time to this it in her schedule...make phone calls to friends an family ...again yup ...she has time to fit everyone in.

We were in hostel. Can you imagine anybody not getting influenced by the lethargic lifestyle in hostel???? I cannot. I do admire her for that. Ofcourse sometimes the urge to shake her good and proper also comes but it passes soon afterwards. She knew how to say no; to others and herself. Yes she is definitely a person I admire.

And after meeting her...I can no longer say "Sorry I didnot have time" to anyone without feeling extremely guilty. Because in my mind I feel as if I am saying...'sorry boss you were not important enough' and then I feel even more guilty for they are... they are... they are.... Sigh!

Anyhow... I was talking about making changes... So we decided every week a movie..... We have not seen one yet but this week we will definitely see. Caught up with the episodes of 'Mentalist' and 'How I met your Mother' though.  

*spoiler alert*

I seriously didn't like the way they killed off JJ Laroche in Mentalist. How Dare They? If they kill anyone else I am not going to watch it anymore. Actually no , Simon Baker is too cute.

I will miss How I met your mother.

Another change is, we deicided that we are going out once every week, during weekdays, and we will have food from outside once every week.. Today we are planning to go out to V maam's house and maybe have a game or something. We always have a good time with them. We play board games. I wonder what game we will play today. Cluedo?, Jenga? or some new game maam's son learnt from somewhere????

Let's see. Will put up a photo, ok.

I love board games....Do you?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Random Thoughts

- I am wearing a kurti which I had bought around 4 years back.It had become tight a long long time ago and I had decided to give it away. but I loved it soooooooo much that I wanted to give it to some one I love. But guess what, after 4 years it fits once again. I AM SO HAPPY.

- Vavoo is getting into the naughty phase of his babyhood. He is showing that he has a very strong spirit indeed. While I know if this continues he is going to be a handful, my mommy heart does swell with pride when I see his tiny induviduality shining through.

- While he was in my tummy MIL asked if I taught him good things. I hadn't. Children always follow what their parents do. So, if I want the child to be good all I have to do is be good myself. He/She may deviate at time but children always come back in track- most of the time atleast. That's my experience.Will get back to you after 20 years.IGW

- IGW means if God wills. translated from InshaAllah.

- I use BGG also at times, it means By God's Grace or MashaAllah.

Stopping now
Love Rahmath

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today I will celebrate...

 ...for I have accomplised something if not everything.

One fine day around 2 and a half years ago,I stumbled onto Marcy's Blog and found that she was doing something called "101 things to do in 1001 days". It felt interesting and I took it up too. I started on 25/6/2011 and it ended today 22/03/2014.

First of all , it was difficult compiling the list. I was idealistic and unrealistic. But what can one do if you have 101 tasks to find???? So that itself was a big thing. However I put in tasks which I thought would help me break my inertia like trying out 50 recipes. I always feared trying new things out but now I know I have the confidence to try out new recipes. Obviously it had enriched our life.

I found new hobbies that I enjoyed a lot like bird watching and heritage walks.
I always wanted to try glass painting, I did that too.
I wanted to learn Yoga. I got to learn atleast the basics.
I feared publicizing my blog in social media. I no longer have that fear though I still don't post my blog anywhere else that much.
I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers, gained strength and wisdom from them.

But the most important thing was that this challenge helped me have closure.

Closure for what???

You know how the heart wants to do this and that and everything else. Well I found out that I really didnot want to do many of things I thought I wanted to do. And it closed a lot of "if only", "I wish", "If it was different" "I would have" sentences.These are negative sentences which saps out your enthusiasm for life. Removing these sentences  gives you a content feeling. You find yourself in a good place. I am in a good place now.

I attempted 36 Goals, Completed 32.
OK not bad considering I was expecting and then had a infant in hands; so  for around 19 months I really couldn't concentrate on anything else.
That's 570 days, half of the 1001 days. So yes.... I feel pretty good about completing this much.

Would I do this again????
Not any time soon. Vavoo has made my life extremely unpredictable.

Enjoyed it???
A lot.

Recommend it???
ofcourse.Totally, . I almost insist you atleast try it out.

Here's a list of my Goals that I attempted. For the rest you can go here :)

Completed Goals:
1. Finish this list
2. Get an Organ Donation Card
3. Identify 10 local birds in Gurgaon Locality
4. Go for all the Heritage Walks organised by INTACH delhi chapter
5. Make Dosa Batter
6.  Make Appam Batter
7.  Try 50  recipes I have not tried before
8. To have an addition to the family
9. Write one more Poem
10. Go for atleast 6 classes of yoga
11. Go for a walk of minimum 15min for 21 consecutive days
12. Visit a Gurudwara
13. Buy a small sewing machine
14. Link one post to a social networking website
15. Get 100 blog visitors on any one day
16. Bake a cake
17. Won't use the laptop/computer for 1 day
18. Find 25 blogs to follow
19. Wear saree once again
20. Host an Onam Sadhya(Feast)
21. Hang a Star for Christmas
22. Hang Colourful lights for Diwali
23.  Make Mutton Biryani for Ramzan
24. Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg)
25. Block all the sim cards I am not using now
26. Write Diary for 7 consecutive days
27. Talk to one neighbour to whom I have never talked before
28. Write a "Moments I love you more" list for hubby
29. Do some gift check thing for Nieces and Nephew
30. Get all photos of NIT trichy from friends
31. Become able to Wear my Black Lee jeans once again
32. Buy a Fountain Pen

Goals which were started but not completed because they were either no longer fun. That is I had already derived the joy I could get and If i had continued, the whole purpose of doing it would have been lost
33.Learn a poem by heart.(24/48)
34. See 25 Disney Animated Movies I have not seen yet.(12/25)

Goals which were loopy in nature. for eg, I would just complete making a list of books and then we would go buy 10 more. This list never ended.
35.Update my Resume.
36.Make a list of the movies we have in DVD's
37. Make a list of Books we have.

Something I wanted to do, would have done but couldn't do
36.Make one of the ready made Crochet Thing. - I had completed around 75 % of it . Could have completed it but lost the design and tapestry needle and the threads. I have no idea where to get them. If anyone knows where to get anchor stitch kits online or in Gurgaon, please help me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goal No 11 - Make APPAM Batter

I think Appam is special to Kerala though ofcourse, other South Indian states have their own version of it. Although I loved to eat Appam, I had never made it at home because hubby had declared to me that he did not like it very much and so was not very enthusiastic to eat the store bought ready mix batter. However he was not much averse to the home made ones. So when Amma bought my mini grinder home, I made this and it came out well. Got the recipe from here. I didnot use the baking soda. It did not matter , it came out well

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Musings - 18.03.2014

- I have been a pretty  bad blogger recently. I have not written anything. I have read a little. I have not commented at all even though I have liked certain posts.

- Time is going pretty fast. The importance of time management keeps coming in front of me in various faces and yet i ignore it .

-Hubby came spooked out saying he saw an entirely naked man with a vishari in the road. "It must be a Jain monk" I told him matter of factly. Yahoo!!!!...Something I know and hubby doesnot. Thankyou  Intach Heritage walks. I miss you.

- Had completed the 5th heritage walk last december. It was to Humayun's Tomb.Took photos and wanted to write a post.However, it didnot happen. Anyhow that is one more goal that has been completed. I started the Heritage walks just after marraige. I ended them with vavoo in hand. They have added more walks but I wonder how many I would be able to attend in my present circumstances. Anyhow that's another goal that is completed with Mehrauli Archeological Park, Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas, Chandini Chowk and Humayun's Tomb.

- More just 4 days for my Day Zero challenge to end. I have not completed all of them. I wonder if I have completed even half of them but I enjoyed it. There were many things I wanted to do and I did them like the heritage walks and glass painting. The Day Zero challenge in itself deserves a separate post. Hopefully I will write it.

-I read a book! , I read a book! :) :) :) "Henna for the Broken hearted" by Sharell Cook. I liked it very much indeed. A simple book filled with realities written in simple language. I follow her blog and already love her writing style. Even though it showed India from a foreigner's perspective I was nodding  and agreeing with her in many parts of the book. A simple bullet point is not enough to describe the book. Hopefully you will see a review soon though I can no longer promise anything. Broken promises are blah , aren't they?

- In case you are wondering why three smileys in the last point and what's so great about reading a book well it's this;
For the last 6 months I have been trying to read a book and I was never able to complete it. I felt, maybe I was not having time and that the added responsibilities were getting me down. You seeing reading is almost equivalent to eating mutton biryani- amma style for me. A book and the biryani satisfies my heart like nothing else can - (OK apart from Amma's idiyappam and maasi Kolumb). But looks like, it was that specific book I was not able to read. Right now, I am not a fan of the Meluha Trilogy. Reading the book was a struggle for me.For now, I will say only that much about the book as I no longer intend to finish reading it.

-7 points is enough I guess..... See you later :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Completed Goals 66 & 93

Goal 66: Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg)Goal 93: Become able to Wear my Black Lee jeans once again.(atleast)

Do you knew the pleasure of accomplishing something without any effort. Yup. Had that pleasure recently.
One of my goals was to lose around 5 kg  and be able to wear my black means once again. And I could never achieve it because... Well I was  too lazy. Anyhow when I became pregnant, I was very particular about my diet as i had a family history of diabetics, thyroid and other things connected to ones weight.

We  do things for others than ourselves, don't we.? Any how my baby was a good motivator and I was pleased with myself for following a good diet. And without my knowing when my baby was born I automatically came to that weight. Recently, I have regained around two kilos as I have become careless with the things I eat, still last week, I put on my jeans and it did fit well. Hence I regard this goal as fulfilled.

By the way, I have come to the conclusion that one cannot reduce weight with exercise. That's just for building one's stamina. The food habits have to change. 

Less sugar, 
Less ghee, 
Less rice 
More wheat,
No fried items, 
Shallow fried  if at all. 
Cucumber sticks instead of chips
Tomatoes and carrots instead of that extra cup of latte.
No sugar for milk.

and one very important thing.... 

satisfying one's desires with an occasional chocolate cake before it becomes a craving beyond control. Yup that's the secret of weight loss, not starving yourself physically or emotionally.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#3 - The tree

The basic plan of our office building is an inverted H,i.e take a H and rotate it 90 degrees. As it is located in an institutional area, it is sandwiched between two other building making it's plan look like a digital 8.

And in one of the rounds of the digital 8, there is the company generators and a bush and a tree.This tree cannot be actually called a tree - A pole maybe....

I noticed this tree around 2- 3 months ago,when it's leaves were falling down one by one and it was slowly looking barren and bald. I mourned for it. I thought it was going to die. Afterall it must be suffocated. I wondered...Did it get water?

Everyday I went for coffee I would see this tree with it's leaves all gone almost as if it were waiting for the final cut.Winter came and slowly began to go.

Around two weeks ago, I looked out of the window and felt as if there were green dots on the branches. I couldn't see properly, it was hazy.

After two days I saw tiny leaves sprouting from the buds in the branches.

Realisation hit me!

Why, I had mourned in vain. This tree had shed it's leaves to survive the winter and now that the winter was over, it was putting forth leaves again.The new leaves shone like emeralds.

And then I wondered...

If we could be like this tree....
When memories of the past haunt us, when wounds open up afreash
How nice would it be to shed it out all from our mind.
Become completely unburdened for a little while.
Maybe hibernate to recover.
And then bloom once again.

Bloom as if the last winter was never there....

Not once...but every time winter came and went....

If only we could train our mind like that.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bit a chat and photo #2 - After Delhi book fair,Feb 2014

Yesterday I got my Indi rank.It was 63.And I was happy. I don't know the exact significance of the rank but for someone who feared that the blog would not even have a rank well, 63 sounded real good and then I read a sentence

" A blog may get a rank it does not deserve" :(


I got a rank :)

I guess it is a common fear - "I won't get picked at all"


Life is going in a flow. We were supposed to be in Surat today and I was hoping to see places and get a lot of photos and maybe upload in my blog yada yada yada but vavoo is not feeling well and we have cancelled the vacation for now.
Feeling bad?
Two reasons....
1. Vavoo not feeling well and
2. because a trip got cancelled.

This winter feels too long. When will this winter finish? When this week began, I thought it's finally getting better and what do you know...Two long rains and the temperature drops again. Really Really pleasant climate if you are not sick but temperature variation not that good for babies....

Dearest God ... Please give us a bit of stable weather.....

Talking of photos... here is #2

Result of Delhi Book Fair  feb-2014

Since marriage, I and hubby have gone to the Delhi book fair every year (except the last one because vavoo was in my tummy). It's something we enjoy doing together. It's almost a tradition.

Every time we go to a book fair or a book shop we end up getting something or the other. But after two house shifting and lack of space we decided that we would control buying books unless they were really really really special. So this time we bought only these books. I wanted to buy Archies and Enid Blytons second hand but they seemed to have disappeared. It is very difficult to find them in second hand shops nowadays. I guess all the lovers of these books are hoarding them.