Thursday, March 27, 2014


Today I have been browsing on fashion blogs. For some particular reason my brain has got stuck there.I guess the frenzy will most probably last for just a week or two. Found some good fashion blogs but didn't find them interesting enough to follow.

I just want Friday to come .... don't you?

Last week I decided that enough is enough. No more inertia. Summer is here , The climate is pleasant , time to make changes in this mundane life of ours. For two weeks I have been telling  hubby ' we should watch at least one movie per week". Btw, not even in theater mind you , just at home. Still somehow we have not watched any.
I don't believe in the concept not having time.  Everyone has the same 24 hours. If something is important one does make time for it somehow. It just needs prioritizing. I just need to prioritize a bit better.

I have a friend  from M.Tech. This girl was amazing. Diligent, University topper. Sometimes I have wondered if this girl was some kind of an android. I mean, she used to do everything she was supposed to do like clockwork. 30 minutes of exercise it in her schedule, Work at this time to this it in her schedule...make phone calls to friends an family ...again yup ...she has time to fit everyone in.

We were in hostel. Can you imagine anybody not getting influenced by the lethargic lifestyle in hostel???? I cannot. I do admire her for that. Ofcourse sometimes the urge to shake her good and proper also comes but it passes soon afterwards. She knew how to say no; to others and herself. Yes she is definitely a person I admire.

And after meeting her...I can no longer say "Sorry I didnot have time" to anyone without feeling extremely guilty. Because in my mind I feel as if I am saying...'sorry boss you were not important enough' and then I feel even more guilty for they are... they are... they are.... Sigh!

Anyhow... I was talking about making changes... So we decided every week a movie..... We have not seen one yet but this week we will definitely see. Caught up with the episodes of 'Mentalist' and 'How I met your Mother' though.  

*spoiler alert*

I seriously didn't like the way they killed off JJ Laroche in Mentalist. How Dare They? If they kill anyone else I am not going to watch it anymore. Actually no , Simon Baker is too cute.

I will miss How I met your mother.

Another change is, we deicided that we are going out once every week, during weekdays, and we will have food from outside once every week.. Today we are planning to go out to V maam's house and maybe have a game or something. We always have a good time with them. We play board games. I wonder what game we will play today. Cluedo?, Jenga? or some new game maam's son learnt from somewhere????

Let's see. Will put up a photo, ok.

I love board games....Do you?


  1. Seems like it was ages ago that I had fun with boardgames, vacations during school and college, those were the days...After my first snowy winter, spring and then summer will certainly be all the more enjoyable :) I was wondering if I knew the girl you mentioned. Enjoy the pleasant start of summer before the mercury soars :)

    1. You too!!!!! Hope to see lots of photos in you blog.

  2. How do you like cristin millioti, the mother?? I believe she is doing 100% justice to the 8 year hype.

    1. ya. I think so too. I liked her. I liked the way they showed the character too. You can get why the mother and Ted got married. :)

  3. Summer is here, climate is pleasant. I expected the change you want to make to be more outdoorsy. Instead you say one movie per week that too at home!

    1. :) Unfortunately we are still in India and that too in Gurgaon. The most urban new place where the only place one can go is to the malls.

      Our life seems to be so so mundane that even something as simple as a movie is not happening. Small steps ....small steps.

      Vavoo is still too small. I wait for him to be say 5 years and then the possibilities soar. Infact I intend to use him fully to relish in activities which apparently as grownups, we are too grownup to enjoy.

      I do wish there was some begininers badminton club or something but i would have to spend time away from vavoo which right now i dont want to. I already feel as if i get to spend too little time with him. Maybe once he is slightly bigger and gets his own circle of friends and doesnot seem to want my company anymore :)

  4. How did you like the finale of himym?

    1. I just saw it and I hated it. I hated it so much it spoiled the whole series for me. Disappointed big time :(

      Did you like it?

  5. yeah. it was pretty lame. they destroyed the characters in the end. It would have been still okay if the last 3 minutes wasn't there. That was just WRONG on all counts.


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