Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#3 - The tree

The basic plan of our office building is an inverted H,i.e take a H and rotate it 90 degrees. As it is located in an institutional area, it is sandwiched between two other building making it's plan look like a digital 8.

And in one of the rounds of the digital 8, there is the company generators and a bush and a tree.This tree cannot be actually called a tree - A pole maybe....

I noticed this tree around 2- 3 months ago,when it's leaves were falling down one by one and it was slowly looking barren and bald. I mourned for it. I thought it was going to die. Afterall it must be suffocated. I wondered...Did it get water?

Everyday I went for coffee I would see this tree with it's leaves all gone almost as if it were waiting for the final cut.Winter came and slowly began to go.

Around two weeks ago, I looked out of the window and felt as if there were green dots on the branches. I couldn't see properly, it was hazy.

After two days I saw tiny leaves sprouting from the buds in the branches.

Realisation hit me!

Why, I had mourned in vain. This tree had shed it's leaves to survive the winter and now that the winter was over, it was putting forth leaves again.The new leaves shone like emeralds.

And then I wondered...

If we could be like this tree....
When memories of the past haunt us, when wounds open up afreash
How nice would it be to shed it out all from our mind.
Become completely unburdened for a little while.
Maybe hibernate to recover.
And then bloom once again.

Bloom as if the last winter was never there....

Not once...but every time winter came and went....

If only we could train our mind like that.


  1. Very interesting thought Rahmath, but then we would need selective shedding, for we want our happy memories to keep us warm.

    1. :) i was equating the brown falling leaves are bad memories. I was not clear, hain na? But true....selective memory would be wonderful.


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