Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Random Thoughts

- I am wearing a kurti which I had bought around 4 years back.It had become tight a long long time ago and I had decided to give it away. but I loved it soooooooo much that I wanted to give it to some one I love. But guess what, after 4 years it fits once again. I AM SO HAPPY.

- Vavoo is getting into the naughty phase of his babyhood. He is showing that he has a very strong spirit indeed. While I know if this continues he is going to be a handful, my mommy heart does swell with pride when I see his tiny induviduality shining through.

- While he was in my tummy MIL asked if I taught him good things. I hadn't. Children always follow what their parents do. So, if I want the child to be good all I have to do is be good myself. He/She may deviate at time but children always come back in track- most of the time atleast. That's my experience.Will get back to you after 20 years.IGW

- IGW means if God wills. translated from InshaAllah.

- I use BGG also at times, it means By God's Grace or MashaAllah.

Stopping now
Love Rahmath


  1. I guess the new diary is to blame for your your sporadic blogging... As you always do, enjoy the simple joys of life lady :)

    1. I wish it was true. Unfortunately, my diary is also 'khali'. I think I should take up blogging everyday challenge or something :)

    2. I just signed up for April A-Z blogging challenge, hopefully I'll complete it. You can join in too, this is the link if you are interested

    3. I have signed up too right now that is :) Thanks to you.
      I had read of this in Write Tribe , I wanted to join but was afraid, So I thought this year I will be a passive participator.... but you sending me the link pushed me to the other side :)
      I hope I don't quit too soon.


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