Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bit a chat and photo #2 - After Delhi book fair,Feb 2014

Yesterday I got my Indi rank.It was 63.And I was happy. I don't know the exact significance of the rank but for someone who feared that the blog would not even have a rank well, 63 sounded real good and then I read a sentence

" A blog may get a rank it does not deserve" :(


I got a rank :)

I guess it is a common fear - "I won't get picked at all"


Life is going in a flow. We were supposed to be in Surat today and I was hoping to see places and get a lot of photos and maybe upload in my blog yada yada yada but vavoo is not feeling well and we have cancelled the vacation for now.
Feeling bad?
Two reasons....
1. Vavoo not feeling well and
2. because a trip got cancelled.

This winter feels too long. When will this winter finish? When this week began, I thought it's finally getting better and what do you know...Two long rains and the temperature drops again. Really Really pleasant climate if you are not sick but temperature variation not that good for babies....

Dearest God ... Please give us a bit of stable weather.....

Talking of photos... here is #2

Result of Delhi Book Fair  feb-2014

Since marriage, I and hubby have gone to the Delhi book fair every year (except the last one because vavoo was in my tummy). It's something we enjoy doing together. It's almost a tradition.

Every time we go to a book fair or a book shop we end up getting something or the other. But after two house shifting and lack of space we decided that we would control buying books unless they were really really really special. So this time we bought only these books. I wanted to buy Archies and Enid Blytons second hand but they seemed to have disappeared. It is very difficult to find them in second hand shops nowadays. I guess all the lovers of these books are hoarding them.


  1. What is there in Surat? I have never been there. It may be worthwhile for you to get a tablet and buy ebooks. It solves the problem of storage.

    1. I have never been there too but when I wen to wiki found that they had a museum, a national park jain temples.... I think enough for a visit definitely.

      We do have a tablet but rt now it's in coma. Have to make it time!!!!
      But i dont think that will ever stop us from buying books....The feel is very very important for us. But yes.... the books that are one time reads can be read in tablet i guess!

  2. Ah yes, the feeling of reading paper books is unparalleled, it is quite difficult to get hold of second hand classics... Space or no space, I have decided I'm going to indulge in books, for storage, I'll look out for space in my in-law's home and my maternal home...No other option till we get a place of our own in India... For now it is e-books, sigh!! I hope to infect our future children with the reading bug :P
    Glad you got to savour the book fair atleast if not a Surat trip.

    1. we hope so too. We keep uying book swhihc we think Vavoo might enjoy in future ( Actually We are just using him to justify buying those children's books).
      Hope he doesnot get overwhelmed with all the books :)

      Yup.... Glad about that. I as looking forward to the book fair as I had not gone the last year. It was a nice day.


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