Friday, March 7, 2014

Completed Goals 66 & 93

Goal 66: Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg)Goal 93: Become able to Wear my Black Lee jeans once again.(atleast)

Do you knew the pleasure of accomplishing something without any effort. Yup. Had that pleasure recently.
One of my goals was to lose around 5 kg  and be able to wear my black means once again. And I could never achieve it because... Well I was  too lazy. Anyhow when I became pregnant, I was very particular about my diet as i had a family history of diabetics, thyroid and other things connected to ones weight.

We  do things for others than ourselves, don't we.? Any how my baby was a good motivator and I was pleased with myself for following a good diet. And without my knowing when my baby was born I automatically came to that weight. Recently, I have regained around two kilos as I have become careless with the things I eat, still last week, I put on my jeans and it did fit well. Hence I regard this goal as fulfilled.

By the way, I have come to the conclusion that one cannot reduce weight with exercise. That's just for building one's stamina. The food habits have to change. 

Less sugar, 
Less ghee, 
Less rice 
More wheat,
No fried items, 
Shallow fried  if at all. 
Cucumber sticks instead of chips
Tomatoes and carrots instead of that extra cup of latte.
No sugar for milk.

and one very important thing.... 

satisfying one's desires with an occasional chocolate cake before it becomes a craving beyond control. Yup that's the secret of weight loss, not starving yourself physically or emotionally.


  1. Yay!! It must be so satisfying to just tick items off the list as completed :) Very true Rahmath, exercise only builds our stamina, we might lose or gain a few pounds in the process though. Loved your closing remark, one must always keep the heart at peace :)

  2. Congratulations! That must feel great. I have been in a winter rut and am looking forward to spring in a few weeks to help shake up my routine and start eating better.


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