Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Musings - 18.03.2014

- I have been a pretty  bad blogger recently. I have not written anything. I have read a little. I have not commented at all even though I have liked certain posts.

- Time is going pretty fast. The importance of time management keeps coming in front of me in various faces and yet i ignore it .

-Hubby came spooked out saying he saw an entirely naked man with a vishari in the road. "It must be a Jain monk" I told him matter of factly. Yahoo!!!!...Something I know and hubby doesnot. Thankyou  Intach Heritage walks. I miss you.

- Had completed the 5th heritage walk last december. It was to Humayun's Tomb.Took photos and wanted to write a post.However, it didnot happen. Anyhow that is one more goal that has been completed. I started the Heritage walks just after marraige. I ended them with vavoo in hand. They have added more walks but I wonder how many I would be able to attend in my present circumstances. Anyhow that's another goal that is completed with Mehrauli Archeological Park, Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas, Chandini Chowk and Humayun's Tomb.

- More just 4 days for my Day Zero challenge to end. I have not completed all of them. I wonder if I have completed even half of them but I enjoyed it. There were many things I wanted to do and I did them like the heritage walks and glass painting. The Day Zero challenge in itself deserves a separate post. Hopefully I will write it.

-I read a book! , I read a book! :) :) :) "Henna for the Broken hearted" by Sharell Cook. I liked it very much indeed. A simple book filled with realities written in simple language. I follow her blog and already love her writing style. Even though it showed India from a foreigner's perspective I was nodding  and agreeing with her in many parts of the book. A simple bullet point is not enough to describe the book. Hopefully you will see a review soon though I can no longer promise anything. Broken promises are blah , aren't they?

- In case you are wondering why three smileys in the last point and what's so great about reading a book well it's this;
For the last 6 months I have been trying to read a book and I was never able to complete it. I felt, maybe I was not having time and that the added responsibilities were getting me down. You seeing reading is almost equivalent to eating mutton biryani- amma style for me. A book and the biryani satisfies my heart like nothing else can - (OK apart from Amma's idiyappam and maasi Kolumb). But looks like, it was that specific book I was not able to read. Right now, I am not a fan of the Meluha Trilogy. Reading the book was a struggle for me.For now, I will say only that much about the book as I no longer intend to finish reading it.

-7 points is enough I guess..... See you later :)


  1. I know how it feels to be stuck reading a book. Its been months since I picked one and am yet to reach halfway through it :(
    Waiting to read all the posts you have promised to put up Rahmath, esp the book review.

    1. OMG, no no no ....No promises :) Its a good book .
      Maybe you face the same trouble that i did...it is not of your taste perhaps???? Who are your fav. Authors????


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