Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today I will celebrate...

 ...for I have accomplised something if not everything.

One fine day around 2 and a half years ago,I stumbled onto Marcy's Blog and found that she was doing something called "101 things to do in 1001 days". It felt interesting and I took it up too. I started on 25/6/2011 and it ended today 22/03/2014.

First of all , it was difficult compiling the list. I was idealistic and unrealistic. But what can one do if you have 101 tasks to find???? So that itself was a big thing. However I put in tasks which I thought would help me break my inertia like trying out 50 recipes. I always feared trying new things out but now I know I have the confidence to try out new recipes. Obviously it had enriched our life.

I found new hobbies that I enjoyed a lot like bird watching and heritage walks.
I always wanted to try glass painting, I did that too.
I wanted to learn Yoga. I got to learn atleast the basics.
I feared publicizing my blog in social media. I no longer have that fear though I still don't post my blog anywhere else that much.
I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers, gained strength and wisdom from them.

But the most important thing was that this challenge helped me have closure.

Closure for what???

You know how the heart wants to do this and that and everything else. Well I found out that I really didnot want to do many of things I thought I wanted to do. And it closed a lot of "if only", "I wish", "If it was different" "I would have" sentences.These are negative sentences which saps out your enthusiasm for life. Removing these sentences  gives you a content feeling. You find yourself in a good place. I am in a good place now.

I attempted 36 Goals, Completed 32.
OK not bad considering I was expecting and then had a infant in hands; so  for around 19 months I really couldn't concentrate on anything else.
That's 570 days, half of the 1001 days. So yes.... I feel pretty good about completing this much.

Would I do this again????
Not any time soon. Vavoo has made my life extremely unpredictable.

Enjoyed it???
A lot.

Recommend it???
ofcourse.Totally, . I almost insist you atleast try it out.

Here's a list of my Goals that I attempted. For the rest you can go here :)

Completed Goals:
1. Finish this list
2. Get an Organ Donation Card
3. Identify 10 local birds in Gurgaon Locality
4. Go for all the Heritage Walks organised by INTACH delhi chapter
5. Make Dosa Batter
6.  Make Appam Batter
7.  Try 50  recipes I have not tried before
8. To have an addition to the family
9. Write one more Poem
10. Go for atleast 6 classes of yoga
11. Go for a walk of minimum 15min for 21 consecutive days
12. Visit a Gurudwara
13. Buy a small sewing machine
14. Link one post to a social networking website
15. Get 100 blog visitors on any one day
16. Bake a cake
17. Won't use the laptop/computer for 1 day
18. Find 25 blogs to follow
19. Wear saree once again
20. Host an Onam Sadhya(Feast)
21. Hang a Star for Christmas
22. Hang Colourful lights for Diwali
23.  Make Mutton Biryani for Ramzan
24. Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg)
25. Block all the sim cards I am not using now
26. Write Diary for 7 consecutive days
27. Talk to one neighbour to whom I have never talked before
28. Write a "Moments I love you more" list for hubby
29. Do some gift check thing for Nieces and Nephew
30. Get all photos of NIT trichy from friends
31. Become able to Wear my Black Lee jeans once again
32. Buy a Fountain Pen

Goals which were started but not completed because they were either no longer fun. That is I had already derived the joy I could get and If i had continued, the whole purpose of doing it would have been lost
33.Learn a poem by heart.(24/48)
34. See 25 Disney Animated Movies I have not seen yet.(12/25)

Goals which were loopy in nature. for eg, I would just complete making a list of books and then we would go buy 10 more. This list never ended.
35.Update my Resume.
36.Make a list of the movies we have in DVD's
37. Make a list of Books we have.

Something I wanted to do, would have done but couldn't do
36.Make one of the ready made Crochet Thing. - I had completed around 75 % of it . Could have completed it but lost the design and tapestry needle and the threads. I have no idea where to get them. If anyone knows where to get anchor stitch kits online or in Gurgaon, please help me.


  1. Congratulations on all you accomplished! :) I liked hearing your reflections. I have been, in a way, missing my list now that it is over, but I am glad to move on as well. Thanks for the shout-out.

    1. Thankyou Marcy. You have been an inspiration.You still are btw :)

  2. Congratulations Rahmath :) Learning new things and indulging in yourself sure makes life more meaningful.

    1. It does really, Try taking it up Reshma, it's really interesting.


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