Saturday, April 26, 2014


There was this story I read in which the story teller's friend is an artist. They were good friends during their college. On their way back from a trip, they are assaulted. While the story teller manages to escape , her friend is raped. The friend goes into depression after that and leaves the place. After many many years this story teller gets to know that her friend has become a renowned artist and that there is an exhibition of her paintings throughout her career. So she goes to see it. She sees colourful paintings then suddenly extremely grey ones. Dark ones.... It coincided with the time her freind had left college. It continued for many paintings and then slowly color began to come ..... Her most recent paintings were colourful and happy. The story teller understood that her friend had found happiness once again.

This story had an impact on me. I loved it.

Sometimes I wonder if my blog is like the friend's paintings. Whether the transitions of my state of mind would be visible to one who cared to see? Sometimes I wonder if I am true in my posts. I know I am not. If I am frustrated I don't write, If I am hurting I don't write. If I am  angry, I dont write.

Still , would it be possible for the reader to read between the lines correctly and find out broadly what I might be going through? Sometimes I wonder...

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  1. In a way yes, our posts do reflect our feelings and thoughts... But very few can read between the lines.


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